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Team Riders

Name Alastair McLeod
Sails NeilPryde Fly
Mast NeilPryde SPX RDM    
Board JP Radical Thruster Quad 69
Harness NP 3D Sliding Bar
Accolades First person to windsurf Pedra Branca
Riding Since 2004
Riding Style Go fast and hit the lip
Weight 65kg
Age 26
Stance Goofy 
Fins K4 13cm Flex, Ezzy 8cm side fins
Favorate Spots Phillip Island, Marrawah

Name Paul Hurley
Sails Goya Bansai 3.7 /4.2 /4.7 Goya Fringe 5.0
Mast Goya Wave 90%(370/400)       
Board Goya Custom Thruster 92l / Goya Custom Quad 84l     
Harness MFC/Dakine  
Accolades Becoming Goya team rider for SHQ/Core -  5th Place "King of the Bay"2016 
Riding Style 83KG
Weight 48
Stance Goofy
Fins MFC Carbon (But i do like G10 for speed) 
Favorate Spots Dendy/Dawson after work,Possos,Point leo,Woolies,Longarms,The Poopipe

Name Evan Hawkey
Sails Neilpryde Wizards 2018, sizes 3.8m 4.2m 4.5m 4.8m
Mast Can’t remember - skinny Neilpryde something 100% carbon
Board JP Australia Freestyle Pro 2018 101L
Harness NP
Accolades Victorian Wavesailing Champion
Riding Since 1996
Riding Style Sick freestyle
Weight 86kg
Fins standard
Favorate Spots

Dendy Street

Sails Avanti Echo 4.0 & 4.4
Mast Powerex WP100
Board JP Freestyle 92
Harness Da Kine T4
Riding Since 1991
Riding Style Freestyle
Weight 78
Stance 38
Fins JP
Favorate Spots Elwood, Brighton, Inverloch, Sandy Point.