2017 Sunova SKATE XXX


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possibly one of the funnest and easiest board you ever ride…

The skate is what you need if you don’t have the most radical waves. It’s designed with getting the most possible fun out of any small wave situation.
It was one of the first SUP shapes Bert designed and it used to be very popular then as well as now:

- its super stable, while still really turnable
- its is so fast that it gets easy in bad waves
- it can still handle larger waves if it gets a bit bigger
- it is a great girls board or whoever is in it for the fun but needs more stability

the skate is an exact “copy” of Bert’s famous moon tail fish surfboard. Bert calls this board the short boarders fish, because unlike standard tail fishes this one is still easy to be turned. The wave range is great and even in larger waves you still take control over the ability to throw this board into a turn (obviously that is a bit less so with the SUP version). There is a clear reason why this board is called skate. You will feel as if you are on a ramp. Its super fast…

8′ 0″ x 29 x 4 @ 105L 
8′ 3″ x 29 ¾ x 4 1/8 @ 115L 
8′ 6″ x 30 ¾ x 4 1/4 @ 124L 
8′ 10″ x 32 x 4 1/2 @ 143L 
9′ 2″ x 32 x 4 1/2 @ 148L 
Or as XL (wider) Version in:
8′ 2″ x 31 3/4 x 4 1/2 @ 125L 
8′ 8″ x 32 x 4 @ 135L 


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