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2021 KT Surfing DRIFTER Compact

KT Surfing

We have created three new sizes of our surfing foil board, called the Drifter Pro Compact. These are now available alongside the already existing boards.

The new Drifter Pro Compact shapes are an extension of the fast developing foil surf market. Shorter sizing with more volume is the trend. Shapes that both paddle quickly and also bounce off the water as instantly as possible. A strong double concave bottom lends to quicker paddling and an excellent rebound when pumping and touching down.

The concave deck with its tail kick pad allows your knees to be pushed into the proper surfing stance and also allows you to push and be more wedged inside the board pushing those never ending cutbacks and off the lips. Volume distribution and bottom rocker allow the board to fly properly when at full foil positioning.

Just like the beloved existing Drifter Pro, the Compact comes with a deckpad made up of a super grippy tail pad incl. kick, a light mid section, as well as a front section for excellent hold and drive throughout your every move.

Also, the Drifter Pro Compact comes with the same ISS, Integrated Stringer System and TwinpairTM Carbon Exoskeleton you’ve come to appreciate in the Drifter Pro.

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