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2022 JP-Australia Freestyle PRO




JP?s range of Freestyle boards undergoes a steady and consistent development process. Consequently, the boards are the latest, subtle evolutions of highly successful and event winning shapes. They balance the power required for early planing on freshwater with the control needed when the conditions get wavy and rough. They also provide the necessary speed for an impressive take-off from small chop and loads of power for a second or third pop for multiple rotations. Easy to handle and forgiving, these Freestyle boards thrive and perform on flat water and in waves alike.

Year after year, the four JP Freestyle boards stand out as state of the art. As the boards have such a wide range of use, shaper Werner Gnigler?s target was and is to improve characteristics only when sure not to compromise on any other range of use. After all, the boards have to perform at fun events on freshwater as well as in PWA and EFPT hard core freestyle events on the sea. In the end, the production boards always represent a great and ?complete? package, overall. The focus of the latest designs was on stability! The boards gained ease of use which helps to maintain speed for maximum pop ? no matter if sailing regular or switch stance.

But they are more than just conventional freestyle boards. All sizes come with JP?s reinforced Foil-Powerbox and their compact and wide shapes make them ideal toys for foil riding! This widens the range of use of your ?small? gear: Just mount a foil and fly ? while other freestylers with their normal fins are stuck on the beach waiting for the wind to pick up. JP?s short Freestyle boards provide enough ease and stability to pick up this new segment of our sport quite easily. On the other hand you can push your limits and also pull-off your first crazy moves at the EFPT ?foilstyle? events.
And although not specially designed and tuned for it, the shape dimensions also allow for the use of a wing.

Shape details:

The scoop rocker line in the mid-section of the board is flat for effortless and early planing.

The bottom shape has a pronounced V from the mast base forward which ?in combination with the soft tuck line in this area of the board? makes it very forgiving. The ride is smooth and relaxed, even when sailing switch in chop and you don?t lose speed when going for double moves. These features also prevent the rail from catching during sliding moves.

The tail features sufficient width and area for efficient pop in light winds. At the same time, the tail is not too big for explosive pop when the wind picks up.

The noticeable curve in the outline and centred volume distribution brings the swing weight close to the mast base. Rotations happen a lot quicker and moves become more radical.

Towards the tail we run a defined tuck line in combination with a rather flat V bottom shape. These features create instant power, fantastic grip and a loose ride.

The fin is big enough to support all powerful moves and faster action.

The JP Freestyle boards accelerate superbly for powerful jumps. Their short, compact shapes enhance the handling in all moves and speed up all rotations. The lively and direct feel builds confidence so that amateurs and pros alike will pull-off more moves in greater style. And the Foil-Powerbox widens the range of use.

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