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2022 Starboard STARBOARD SUP Longboard Blue Carbon


Our Starboard Longboard won the SUP boarder high-performance award, as its versatile to ride in all conditions, incredibly responsive and smooth to turn. 

The low volume thinned out rails allows you to easily engage with minimal foot pressure, giving you control down the wave face and hold through steeper sections of the wave. The parallel outline provides a smooth fast glide, while the full nose gives enough float and stability for you to ride toes on the nose. 

The diamond tail and moderate tail kick makes it very responsive for you to whip the board around easily through bottom and top turns. 

With our longboard you can handle 1-foot small beach breaks and head high reef breaks, an awesome 1 board quiver. 

Available in 4 sizes from 9?0?x26? to 10?0?x31? and 3 technologies, including the new Limited Series, so you can match your skill leve land rider weight.

Hot tip: The 10?0? x 31? merges high stability with high performance, a stand out in the market

10?0?x31? offers more volume and float for heavier riders unto 110kg. The added thickness in the standing and wider width make for a super stable ride, yet with the same bite and response that make this model perform so well.

10?0?x29? carries more glide and speed from the longer length. The 29? width provides a wider platform with greater stability for heavier riders.

9?0?x28?is suited for lighter riders that want faster and reactive manoeuvrability.

9?0?x26?is the nimble weapon for high skilled and lightweight riders up to 75kg. Narrower width helps fit in more critical sections of the waves, generates faster speeds down the line and is ultra reactive to foot pressure. Features a unique concave nose for long nose riding

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