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The Take Off is the Foiler’s board of choice for anything Wing, Foil Surf, Foil downwind and more. A true all round Foil board that caters for first time flyers to experienced foilers.

The Take Off range proceeds the Hyperfoil with super early take off when winging and in waves, stable and manoeuvrable flying sensation and a smaller size range.

7’1” x 32” - 150 L, 120kg

The 7’1” x 32” is not to be underestimated. The largest size from the Take Off range has surprisingly great foiling performance. It has one of the fastest take off speeds in the range and is manoeuvrable and stable enough for most paddlers to enjoy! Fast take off, manoeuvrable, perfect for learning.

6’4” x 31” - 130 L, 110kg

Taking off has never been faster in a board this wide. The 6’4” is the perfect board to take your foiling to the next level! The 6’4offers stability and 130 L of volume in a manoeuvrable size

5’7” x 29” - 110 L, 95kg

Yes! Now you can ride the ultimate small package with the 5’7” x 29”.Built for riders looking to up their game in wing, SUP surf foil and down winding in a super small and stable size. The 5’7” is packed with 110 L of volume.

5’3” x 30” - 115 L, 95kg

The 5’3” x 30” Take Off opens a new door to many more riders. Larger riders can enjoy SUP foil surfing, SUP Foil downwind and Wingboarding all in one ultra short and stable design. Offering high performance riding to riders up to 95kg in Foil paddling and105kg riders in Wingfoiling.

5’2” x 27” - 90 L, 85kg

The 5’2” Take Off is an advanced rider’s all round foil board of choice. The 5’2” is a compact design with 90 L of volume to cater for downwind foiling, SUP wave foiling and wing foiling.

4'7" x 24" - 70 L, 65kg

The 4’7” Take off is our most compact and high performance offering for the Take Off range. Built for high performance wingboarding and Sup foiling. The 4’7” Take Off is the ultimate, ultra manoeuvrable board for advanced riders

The Take Off is our foil board that does it all! This concept is great for downwind foiling, wing foil and sup surf foil. Riders who intend to use the Take Off as a Wingfoil board can be heavier than those wanting to SUP Foil. Please refer to the two rider weights below as a reference. Rider abilities and sizing may vary. 

SUP Foil rider weight:

7’1” x 32” - 150 L 120kg

6’4” x 31” - 130 L 110kg

5’7” x 29” - 110 L 95kg

5’3” x 30” - 115 L 95kg

5’2” x 27” - 90 L 85kg

4'7" x 24" - 70 L 65kg

Wing Foil rider weight:

7’1” x 32” - 150 L 140kg

6’4” x 31” - 130 L 120kg

5’7” x 29” - 110L 105kg

5’3” x 30” - 115 L 105kg

5’2” x 27” - 90 L 95kg

4'7" x 24" - 70 L 85kg

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