Sunova Boss Kiteboard


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It went without question that the Sunova kite range would have to include a killer traditional shape. A shape thatwill feel natural for the kite crazed surfer who wants to whip into waves and forget about the kite! The BOSSsurfboard was designed as board for the average surfer in average conditions, making it the perfect shape to bringover to the kite line. The BOSS works in waves anywhere from just under waist high up to double overhead but isnot equipped to surf really fast, heavy down the line waves


With a fuller nose, it helps the board climb on top of the water at a low speed, giving the BOSS kiteboard great light wind performance.The centre outline of the BOSS runs an identical arc to a high performance short board, but it has considerable tail area, finished off witha round tail. This tail area is instrumental in getting away quickly, the wave is able to pick up that area and propel it, bringing that feeling ofpower from the wave you love surfing over to kitesurfing.


The BOSS deck is a fairly standard profile with the board being a little thicker, carrying volume out of the rails in proportion as well as intothe nose and tail. This extra volume again increases the ability to plane at low speeds and increases light wind performance. The fuller boxyrails on the BOSS offer a way to maintain speed throughout turns in small mushy waves. On top of this the board has hard bottom edgeswith good release, so the board really wants to skate along fast on top of the water. The boxiness of the rail allows really aggressive drivingfront foot cutbacks with very little chance of bogging the rail.


With a full performance rocker, the BOSS stays nice and loose and still fits the pocket even though its wide with a chunkier rail, thecombination of outline curve, concave and rocker work together to offset width and thickness, offering a sense of overall balance inthe design.


One problem with really wide tails and boards is that it’s harder to get them on an edge and they have a slippery feeling on the rail to railtransition. The single concave throughout the bottom shape of the board increase the angle that the rails enter the water and thereforeallow the board to catch a rail much more effectively and eliminated theskatey feeling when transitioning from rail to rail.


The BOSS features a 5 fin setup, allowing for a quad or thruster fin setup.For top to bottom surfing the thruster will be the better option, as thewaves get a little steeper and faster switch out to the quad to hold a highermore direct line, or if the waves are flatter and more open with little chanceof top to bottom surfing, the quad is also an option

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