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How to Rig your first Windsurf Sail Video

July 18, 2022

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How to buy a second hand wing

June 27, 2022

Wing boarding is taking over the wind sports industry. With such a massive influx of new riders and a rapid development of gear there is a strong second-hand market. However, it pays to be wary when buying second hand wings. There are a few key issues to look out for. Model & year   Wing boarding is a very new sport and there has been lots of research and development put into the equipment. This means that in general, most older model wings are simply not as good as a current model wing. They may be less powerful, less user friendly and/or more uncomfortable to use. These older model wings should be avoided as they will actually slow your progression and make the learning...

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local team rider Daniel Wingsurfing session

May 05, 2022

Dawson Avenue  3.5 doutone unit  20 knots   

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Wetsuits explained

August 08, 2021

When slecting a wetsuit it is easy to get overwealmed by the huge variety of options and the confusing details on each suits label. This article aims to give a little guideance on the areas you should be looking at when selecting a wetsuit (without getting into too much detail on specific material compositions).

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