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SHQ & Core Around the Bay Sale

March 01, 2017

Call your nearest store to find out more !! SANDRINGHAM | 81 Beach Road | (03) 9598 2867 ROSEBUD | 1401 Point Nepean Road | (03) 5982 1007 TORQUAY | 31 Baines Cescent | (03) 5261 7331

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SHQ Boardsports NEW Sea Specs stockists in Australia

February 28, 2017

Extreme Floating Polarized Sunglasses 100% UVA & UVB Protection SHQ Boardsports are happy to announce they will be stocking Sea Specs as of March 2017! Classic, Stealth & AFloat models will be arriving in store any day now. SeaSpecs Extreme Sunglasses offer high-quality and affordable floating polarized eye protection. Our Polarized lenses reduce glare. The Classic and Stealth models come standard with our integrated secure strap to keep our floating sunglasses on your head. Sea Specs Classic, the Original Surf Sunglasses, were created by a surfer to provide surf sunglasses and water sports sunglasses for kitesurfing, kayaking, jet ski, windsurfing, paddling, sailing, fishing and boating. All water sports athletes experience prolonged exposure to the sun's harmful rays. If you are...

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SHQ Boardsports Kite surfing Beginners Guide

February 14, 2017

SHQ Boardsports Kite surfing Beginners Guide Kitesurfing is a super exciting and exhilarating sport, in order to enjoy the sport safely and maximise your time on the water we strongly advise starting with a professional lesson from a kitesurfing school, in fact we won’t even sell a person equipment unless you have had lessons or promise that you will have lessons.   First you must learn The fun part of kite surfing can only happen once Safety (the number one priority when learning to kite surf) has been learnt, kites have the potential to generate a large amount of power that can propel someone through the air unwillingly if controlled in the incorrect way. We cannot recommend strongly enough enrolling...

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