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SHQ Team Reviews - SUP

This page gives an insight into what gear the SHQ team like to ride on a daily basis. They were asked to write short reviews on their favourite pieces of gear - equipment that they couldn't live without.
If you want more information on any of the gear give SHQ a ring on 03 9598 2867, but prepare for a long conversation, they love talking about gear they are passionate for!


Name:  Alan

Weight: 75KG

Riding Style: Waves

Board:  JP-Australia 130ltr 9'6 x 28" Longboard Pro

The 9'6 is the performance longboard within the JP-Australia stable. I love this board for one simple reason, it gets me into more waves. I have ridden the 9'6" Longboard in everything from knee high peelers at the Pass in Byron, to well over head high bombs at Big-Left in Vico & Honeymoon bay on Morton Island, QLD.  The board has great glide & gets up to speed quick. It has aggressive sharp rails that flow perfectly towards a lovely pulled-in "Pin" tail. The Nose & Tail Rocker are both relatively pronounced for a Longboard, this means you can get into much larger waves than you might normally chase on a Longboard. 




Weight: 88 KG 


SURF: STARBOARD 2021 PRO BLUE CARBON7’7” x 28” / 107 L

Love this board for higher volume in the smallest board I can ride/ At 88 kg I've got plenty of positive boyounacy to be able to create glide to catch bigger waves easily. The step down rails, mean you get all the performance of a thinner railed low volume board, but easily paddling. The shorter you go the more the board yaws side to side, so you want to be a compitent paddler or have a great J-stroke. I ride this board as a thruster and find it super fast and loose.


As I travel and surf guide in the Madlives, I wanted the glide and noseriding abiility of a longboard, but all the convience of a 5ft board when travelling. The carbon dowel system works a treat and add minimal weight to the board, maybe 800grams, but that suits me for nose riding at 88kg. I love this board in all conditions, small or big and both riding styles, performace and cruisey. Burt really knows how to make a great longboard!

SUP FOIL: NORTH SEEK 5'9" X 29 1/2 - 117 L

Enjoying this board for it's postive bouyancy to get it up to planning speed to catch waves and get on foil early. At 5'9" SUP yaw a lot more, so you want to be a competent paddler, but at 88kg, this makes life easier and than means more waves. Once up on foil the board is easy to throw around and pump back out. Ha the titanium colour was looks great too!





Name:  Nick P

Weight:  93kg

Riding Style:  Wave

Board:  JP Fusion 9'2" 139l


Being still fairly novice to SUP surfing, I find that the JP Fusion gives me plenty of stability when the conditions get a bit choppier (and when I get tired!) while still offering a good level of maneuverability on the wave to allow my skills to progress. Having 139l means that it is still stable and efficient enough for me to use the board for some flat water paddling also without getting frustrated. Its a great board that has taken me through my first waves and I'm now developing my turns with and i will continue to ride it up until im ready move onto something smaller.