Kitesurf Spot Guide: Melbourne & Surrounds

Some of the most popular Kiteboarding locations in Melbourne, Victoria include: St Kilda, Brighton, Altona, Rosebud, Inverloch and .

Port Phillip Bay KiteSurfing Spot Guide

Point Henry – N, NW, NE,W

Perfect on a strong Northerly or a Westerly, Point Henry offers a shallow, yet super flat area of water to kite on and practice new tricks. Be warned that you may want to wear booties of some sort as there are notorious sea urchins.


Altona Beach. Wind SE, SW, S (onshore). Intermediate and above.

Offering flat open water, Altona is a quick trip over the bridge and works well on an afternoon sea breeze or an easterly. Just be aware of the small space to launch and land, with obstacles such as bushes and trees, including the nearby houses and powerlines. Please use assistance when launching and landing.


St Kilda. Wind S to SW. Beginners and above.

St Kilda is Melbourne’s most iconic kite surfing beach and accommodates kite surfers from beginners to advanced. St Kilda’s West Beach has wide open sand, ideal for beginners to intermediate riders to launch and land and has wide open water with plenty of space, free of obstacles. This also makes for a great place for the kite schools to teach. Over near the pier is a little more difficult and is not recommended for beginners, with the risk of surrounding objects such as boats, buoys, the pier and other beach goers.


Brighton. Best wind S to SW. N, NW, W (onshore) possible for advanced kiters. Reefs.

Suitable for intermediate to advanced riders, Brighton offers a wide stretch of beach to setup, launch and land on. Working on almost all directions apart from any easterly, Brighton is great for the rider wanting to get out local, but doesn’t want a long road trip to kite on a specific direction. Brighton is also great for those foiling or surfing, with wide open water space and bay swell that can roll through.


Hampton. Best wind S to SW. W (onshore) for advanced kiters. Small surf.

Hampton is recommended for only advanced riders due to little place to launch and land, as well as nearby obstacles. Ideal for surf and directional rides, Hampton offers small bay surf that can be fun to ride after work when the sea breeze comes through.


Sandringham – S, SW, W

Sandringham is quite well protected and can be a popular place to learn for some. Be advised that there are obstacles and nearby beach goers. Plenty of beach space to launch and land, however parking can be quite tricky and you will need to purchase a parking ticket.


Ricketts Point – Advanced only. Cliffs and reefs. Popular with windsurfers.

Ricketts is quite popular for those who surf, offering small bay swell that can come through off the reef. However, on an easterly, it can be quite gusty and can expose rocks and reef. Advanced kiters only.


Mentone– S, SW (onshore), W, E (advanced)

With plenty of bay swell rolling through, Mentone offers a great selection of waves for all riders, especially on a directional surf board. Be aware of other kiters and respect those around you. Also take note of the changed rules regarding where you can or can’t kite.


Mordialloc – S, SW, W, NW

Offering decent swell out the back, Mordialloc is a popular local spot. With flat water between the waves and a bit of fun in the waves, it accommodates all aspects of kiting and works well on most commonly found wind directions for Melbourne.There is plenty of rigging area near the car park, but be aware at high tide there isn’t a lot of beach space available to launch/ land your kites.


Frankston. Best wind NW and SW. W (onshore) for advanced kiters.

You can still find a decent crew of kitesurfers on windy days out in Frankston, when its a strong northerly, it can often be even windier down south, and usually a tad more consistent as well. For southerly's you'd want it to be absolutely howling or have a bit of west in it so it avoids Oliver's Hill.


Mt Martha – N, NW, W

With a wide open beach, Mt.Martha is a great spot for bay riding on a N, NW or W. It has plenty of sand to setup, launch and land on. Be aware of swimmers and other beach goers.


Safety Beach – W

Working well on a Westerly, Safety beach offers some nice rollers and plenty of open water to kite in. However, do be aware of nearby obstacles and a short section of beach to launch and land on.


Rosebud – N, NW, NE

Melbourne’s mots popular kiteboarding spot during the winter season, Rosebud offers kilometers of flat water which is excellent for beginner to advanced riders to all enjoy. With the water predominantly getting to waist deep, its excellent to get your confidence up learning the basics or improving your tricks! There is also small surf out the back which can open up for those wanting to ride a surfboard. Please be aware of your surroundings when launching and landing. It is recommended you setup, launch and land on the beach and NOT on the grass area behind the trees.


Rye – N, NW, NE

Quite similar to Rosebud, Rye has great flat water with a few bay rollers out the back. Great for any rider to learn or to progress their riding during the winter months.


Balnarring – S, SE, SW, W

Working well from South to West, Balnarring offers a wide open cove of flat water. Great for any rider, there is plenty of space to launch and land and is quite well protected. Be aware of other beach goers and nearby obstacles.


Point Leo – S, SE, SW (Intermediate and above) 

A popular spot for kite surfers and big air riders, Point Leo is perfect for those chasing a wave closer to Melbourne on a south easterly direction. With great kicker waves, it is also a great spot for those chasing big air. Be aware of submerged rock and reef as well as sharp rocks and trees when launching/landing your kite. 

 San Remo – S, SW, W 

Working well on anywhere from S to W, San Remo can offer a range of excellent conditions from flat water to small waves on high tide. Be advised of the surrounding cliffs which may cause potential updrafts when launching or landing your kite.