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Congratulations! you already took the first step of your kitesurf career by visiting our website! Now we can spread the joy of this amazing sport by ensuring you get your ideal kitesurf equipment. But first things first, let's provide you with the ultimate beginner kite package introduction so you can make an informed decision. Enjoy!

Which kite size is perfect for my needs?

One of the most important questions is, in which wind conditions are you riding most of the time? Our beginners in Melbourne take their lessons in St. Kilda, which is a great spot to start out! In summer we get quite steady winds which are created by thermal effects; this wind is called “sea breeze”. In summer, the typical wind strength in St. Kilda is between 16-22 knots. For those particular wind conditions, we’ve made a guide to a suitable kite size for your weight.

50-65kg---Kite size 10㎡
65-80kg---Kite Size 11㎡
80-92kg---Kite size  12㎡
92kg +  ---Kite size 13㎡

Please be aware that these are just rough estimations, as it's also important to factor in what kite model you are flying. Depending on the shape/model of the kite,even the same kite size results in different power! This leads us to the next important question....

Which kite model should I buy?

At the beginning of your kite experience we recommend a kite that is easy to ride and stay upwind with, and has great relaunch abilities. Luckily, the kites at SHQ all have these capabilities! The Cabrinha Switchblade and the North Orbit are 5-strut kites, which give you massive wind range, excellent upwind abilities and easy relaunch. These kites are also great fun to progress with because of their boosting abilities and ridiculously high hang times! The North Reach and the Cabrinha Moto are 3-strut kites, which are lightweight and an ideal kite for all-around freeride, and give you options to get into kite foiling and surfing down the track! If you are looking for a more advanced freestyle/wakestyle kite , you would go with the North Pulse or the Cabrinha FX. On the other hand, the Cabrinha Drifter and the North Carve are great kites with drift if you see yourself down the line wave riding in the future! 

Which Bar is the way to go?

We would always recommend you to purchase the kite and bar from the same brand as they are specifically designed to give you the best experience on the water! For the Cabrinha kites we would recommend the Cabrinha Trimlite Overdrive bar in 44-52 cm and the North Navigator control bar in 45-50cm length for your North kites. What's the go with the length of the bar? The cool thing is that the North and Cabrinha bars have adjustable lengths. This means you can simply adjust the bar length manually depending on the kite size! When you are riding a kite smaller than 10m2 we would recommend you the 44cm setting in the Cabrinha Trimlite Overdrive bar and the 45 cm setting in the North Navigator control bar. When you are riding a kite bigger than 10m2 we would recommend you to switch the bar to the longer setting to ensure perfect performance of the kite!

Which board is the correct size for me?

The short answer is: it depends! Similar to the choice of the correct kite size, the board size is depending on your level of expertise and your body weight. If you are a progressing kiter, a bigger board with a greater surface area will help you with water starts and going upwind. These are the dimensions we recommend:

50-65kg - board length 134-138cm
65-80kg - board length 138-142cm
80-95kg - board length 142-146cm
> 95kg    - board length 146cm+ 

The shape of the board is also important! Ensure that the rails of the boards are relatively straight, as this makes it easier for you to ride upwind! Your first kiteboard that ticks all the boxes are the Cabrinha Spectrum and the North Prime.

What are the best spots to start riding?

St Kilda

St Kilda West Beach is one of the most popular kiteboarding beaches in Australia. West Beach is protected by a sea wall that gives beginners a safe environment to learn to kiteboard. The heat of the city enhances Melbourne’s summer seabreeze, which makes West Beach, St Kilda one of the windiest spots on Port Phillip Bay. The perfect wind direction for St. Kilda is a south-westerly wind. You can also ride there in a westerly wind but it can get quite gusty and with the onshore wind we would recommend that you are already able to ride upwind to have a great (and safe!) time on the water.


Kiteboarding at Rosebud works best in a Northerly wind, which is most regular in spring, autumn and winter. The kiting area in Rosebud has waist high water that ensures that you will have a safe, fun, and hassle-free riding experience. 


Inverloch offers plenty of space and shallow water to increase your progression. Escape the city and fast track your kitesurfing adventure at this great spot! There is plenty of free parking outside the angling club, which is situated right next to the kiteboarding spot. Kitesurfing in Inverloch is safest in a easterly or south-westerly wind.