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SHQ Team Reviews - Wing Foiling

This page gives an insight into what gear the SHQ team like to ride on a daily basis. They were asked to write short reviews on their favourite pieces of gear - equipment that they couldn't live without.
If you want more information on any of the gear give SHQ a ring on 03 9598 2867, but prepare for a long conversation, they love talking about gear they are passionate for!




Name:  Nick P

Weight:  93kg

Riding Style: Wave

Foil:  Cabrinha H-1000 carbon foil 


I was impressed straight away with the performance of the H-series gear. Moving onto the 1000 from a 1550 foil, I expected to suffer in lighter conditions, but the Cabrinha still gets up and onto foil easily even in <15kts. Where the foil blew me away was in the incredible glide, at times it feels like you have a motor under there! This foil allows me to link bay swell better than ever before while still giving an amazing carvey performance when on the wave! Next step is the H-800!


Hand wing: Cabrinha Mantis V2

  MANTIS V2 WINDOW – Cabrinha Kites

The Mantis V2 is a simple, light wing. No frills or unnecessary features. It get on foil easy and handles incredibly well when on a wave. This makes it perfect for my style of riding

Board:  JP X-Winger 5'0" 95l

The X-Winger apealed to me as it packs so much volume into such a small outline. As I am 93kg the 95l board gives me enough positive bouyancy to waterstart even in light winds, while the length (5'0") makes this board super agile for turning and its an amazing pumping machine when on the foil due to the minimal swing weight. The foot strap positions work for my style of riding and im very happy with the long foil track giving a whole load of positioning options.





Name:  Nick Thorne

Weight: 80Kg

Riding Style: Freeride/Surf/Freestyle

Foil: Armstrong Foil

Surf setup: HS1250, 212 chopped rear wing, TC60 Fuselage, 85cm Mast

Freeride setup: HS1550, 232 rear wing, TC60 Fuselage, 85cm Mast

Freestyle/Speed setup: HA1125, V200 rear wing, TC60 Fuselage, 85cm Mast

I love Wing Foiling and I'll be doing it for a long time so I want to have the highest quality foil. For this reason I chose Armstrong because of the construction method & materials, and the brand's 'zero corrosion philosophy'. I enjoy not having to dismantle the foil after use as it can't corrode. The foils themselves are well designed and ride really well. The HS foils are great for smooth turns and carving up the surf. The new HA range is awesome in the flat water and downwind sessions. Armstrong has shown that they will to continue to produce high quality foils that are all compatible, and super fun to ride. 


Hand wing: 6m Duotone Slick & 4m Duotone unit


The new Slick is easy and fun to use. It's great for transitions and tricks. Duotone have done a great job of using a simple design to implement a boom into an inflatable wing. The Slick is really helping me to develop my technical winging skills. I mainly use the Duotone Unit for Wing Foiling into the surf. It's super light and I can hold it easily when surfing away on foil. 


Board:  Fanatic Sky Wing 5'0" 75L & 5'4" 95L

I ride the Fanatic boards because I like the shape and volume of the board. I enjoy a larger volume board when the water is choppy or large waves as it's much easier to get on foil and I don't notice the extra volume too much once I'm up on foil. The boards are evolving to have good foot strap and foil positions so I can ride for a long time. 





Name: Alan 

Weight: 75KG

Riding Style: Free Ride / Wave / Chasing Bumps 

Foil: Armstrong, 1250 / 1850

The Armstrong build quality & attention to detail is fantastic. The equipment comes packed in well thought out protective carry bags & also includes spare screws & hardware. The foils themselves are beautifully designed & include a titanium core in the fuselage, everything fits together perfectly, first time! I use the 1250 for high wind Wing-Foiling & Prone Surf-Foiling then switch to the 1850 for lighter wind Winging & SUP-Foiling.

Hand wing: Cabrinha V2 CrossWing 5m

I enjoy the solid feel & power delivery of the Cabrinha V2 CrossWing, the double strut design keeps the wing stiff without the need for a boom & the extra weight that comes with it. Cabrinha has excellent quality control & a fantastic build & "feel".  

Board:  Armstrong WingSUP, 99ltr, 5'11"  

The Armstrong 5'11" has plenty of volume to enable me to SUP or Wingfoil without constantly falling in when the chop gets a little rough. The super light construction makes up for the slightly larger volume & length that a rider of my weight & experience may otherwise like. As with all Armstrong equipment, the build quality is second to none & supplying the board with a well-fitting bag is a cherry on top. 





Name:  Tom Saunders

Weight: 88kg

Riding Style:  Surf/wave

Foil: Armstrong 1850HS and 1250 HS 85cm mast

1850 HS is ideal for light wind winging and small waves. Has great early lift, pump, glide and carve for winging and or SUP/Prone or Dock starting. I've got this wing up to 35 kph on a wing, so it can still get up and move!

The HS1250 is the ultimitate surf carve, wing surf foil. I can use it mid to high wings, surf up to head high + and pump back out to waves. You can chop the 232 to with it and or use a V200, combined with a 50cm fuse is just epic.

Hand wing: NORTH NOVA 3.5M

Loving this wing from consistent 18 knots up. I'm 88 kg and really enjoying it's wide wind range, ergonoic and well place handles. Use it mainly in the surf and luffing out on waves. Has great boost for airs and extrmeley robust construction for longevity.

Board:  AXIS FROTH 5'2" x 26.5", 90 litres

At 88 kg this is my go to wing board in all conditions, light wind or strong. Early planning to get on foil quickly, with well thought out volume distribution, so that the nose doesn't dive when getting to your feet. The board dissapears when up on foil, whether I'm riding waves, working on transitions or airs. Just as importantly really nice foostrap placement for offset riding. Strong and light constructions means this boards a keeper.