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Why go inflatable instead of hard Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP)?

1. Inflatable SUP boards have been proven to be more durable than most hard SUPS and will not scratch and dent through careless usage.

2. Inflatable SUP boards are lighter and easier to maneuver when out of the water.

3. Inflatable SUPS wont hurt when you fall on them, and make an excellent swimming platform for kids. The softer deck will also help to reduce muscle fatigue when paddling.

4. Storage and transport is much easier when the board is can be packed down into a backpack size.

5. Inflatables have more volume (meaning increased stability) when compared to a hard board of the same size. This makes them excellent boards for beginners, casual users or heavier users.

6. Inflatables can be transported and stored pumped up and do not need to be inflated and deflated for each session.


We stock the best brands of inflatable boards: | Starboard JP-Australia | Unifiber 

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