Fliteboard eFoil

Imagine a water craft that flies smoothly above the water at exhilarating speeds. It doesn’t rely upon wind or waves, and gives you the freedom to travel for up to 30km per charge. Imagine a water craft so responsive that even the most subtle movements bank turns or change your flying altitude; providing endless freedom and expression. Imagine a water craft that combines the efficiency of hydrofoil wings, with the latest in electric vehicle and battery technology — to create a fast, clean, quiet, powerful ride like nothing before it. This is Fliteboard.

SHQ are proud to be able to supply Flite products. Join the Fliteboard revolution in descovering the joy of foiling without needing wind or waves. With Fliteboard setup configurations to suit riders/pilots of every level its never been easier to get out onto the water and start having fun!
Find Freedom. Take Flite.


Fliteboard Setup Configurations

Pricing starts at just $17,995 for a Fliteboard Complete package and a huge list of optional extras allow you to fully customise your flight. Contact us on (03) 9598 2867 or for more information or a quote.


Below are listed some of the most common setups allowing for a range of rider styles and abilities.





Fliteboard AIR

Fliteboard AIR is an inflatable board with the most stability before foiling, suitable for beginners to get up and riding during their very first session. The inflatable construction makes its impact resistant, and very easy to transport. The Cruiser wings begin foiling at a lower speed, and the Explore battery maximizes your riding time. The shorter 60cm eFoil mast minimises rider falls and maximises confidence. The most fun to learn, share and discover.
Entry level riders Heavier riders
BOARD Fliteboard AIR Fliteboard AIR
Length 6'6" x 30" 6'6" x 30"
Volume 175 Litres 175 Litres
Finishes White White
FLITEBOX 600mm 600mm
Finishes Silver or Black Silver or Black
WINGS XL XL or Cruiser
Finishes White or Black White or Black
FLITECELL Explore or Sport Sport



Our Standard Fliteboard is the best size for most riders who have a little water sport or snowboarding experience. Once foiling, the rigid carbon construction provides more responsiveness and feedback than the Fliteboard AIR. The 60cm mast is more user friendly and well suited for learning to ride in flat water. The shorter mast is designed to build confidence quickly.

For greater performance, Fliteboard can be combined with the 75cm eFoil mast which offers a larger foiling ‘sweet spot‘. This enables carving harder with greater turn angles. It also and allows variations to foiling ride height and reduces the risk of over-foiling when riding in swell or choppy conditions.

Riders with previous board experience Intermediate eFoil riders
BOARD Fliteboard Fliteboard
Length 5'8" x 28" 5'8" x 28"
Volume 100 Litres 100 Litres
Finishes White, Black or Ash White, Black or Ash
FLITEBOX 600mm or 750mm 750mm
Finishes Silver or Black Silver or Black
WINGS XL, Cruiser or Flyer Cruiser or Flyer
Finishes White or Black White or Black
FLITECELL Explore or Sport Explore or Sport

Fliteboard Pro



Fliteboard PRO is the smallest board for the most responsive ride when foiling, recommended for experienced kite surfers, surfers or snowboarders. It is more challenging to get foiling, particularly for heavy riders and in choppy water conditions. 

Advanced riders
BOARD Fliteboard PRO
Length 5'0" x 24.5"
Volume 70 Litres
Finishes White, Black or Ash
Finishes Silver or Black
WINGS Cruiser or Flyer
Finishes White or Black
FLITECELL Explore or Sport