March 01, 2017


SHQ & Core Around the Bay Sale

Call your nearest store to find out more !!

SANDRINGHAM | 81 Beach Road | (03) 9598 2867

ROSEBUD | 1401 Point Nepean Road | (03) 5982 1007

TORQUAY | 31 Baines Cescent | (03) 5261 7331

February 28, 2017


SHQ Boardsports NEW Sea Specs stockists in Australia

Extreme Floating Polarized Sunglasses

100% UVA & UVB Protection

SHQ Boardsports are happy to announce they will be stocking Sea Specs as of March 2017! Classic, Stealth & AFloat models will be arriving in store any day now.

SeaSpecs Extreme Sunglasses offer high-quality and affordable floating polarized eye protection. Our Polarized lenses reduce glare. The Classic and Stealth models come standard with our integrated secure strap to keep our floating sunglasses on your head.

Sea Specs Classic, the Original Surf Sunglasses, were created by a surfer to provide surf sunglasses and water sports sunglasses for kitesurfing, kayaking, jet ski, windsurfing, paddling, sailing, fishing and boating.

All water sports athletes experience prolonged exposure to the sun's harmful rays. If you are in the water or on the beach, you need UV400 100% UVA/UVB protection for your eyes! 

February 14, 2017


SHQ Boardsports Kite surfing Beginners Guide

SHQ Boardsports Kite surfing Beginners Guide

Kitesurfing is a super exciting and exhilarating sport, in order to enjoy the sport safely and maximise your time on the water we strongly advise starting with a professional lesson from a kitesurfing school, in fact we won’t even sell a person equipment unless you have had lessons or promise that you will have lessons.


First you must learn

The fun part of kite surfing can only happen once Safety (the number one priority when learning to kite surf) has been learnt, kites have the potential to generate a large amount of power that can propel someone through the air unwillingly if controlled in the incorrect way. We cannot recommend strongly enough enrolling in multiple lessons before taking on kite surfing by your self. Kites have built in safety systems that are designed to take away up to 95% of the power in emergency situations. When enrolled in our internationally qualified kite school Go Kite, you will learn how to safely control your kite and use the emergency safety in your first lesson before you fly an inflatable kite.

The wind is another important part to understand when hitting the beach kite surfing, each location has a unique set of conditions that allow each location to be rideable depending on wind direction, strength and tides. Kite surfing in offshore winds is widely unacceptable kite practise, the wind will become incredibly turbulent and if you have what we call “kite dramas” in the water, you will blow out to sea.

 By the end of 6 hours of lessons it is likely that you will be at a point where you are comfortable to go kite surfing independently. This does not necessarily mean you will be up and riding consistently in both directions. It’s all about the fundamentals, safety, kite control and techniques.


Time to get your own equipment

You can choose whether to purchase equipment before or after your lessons. Sometimes it is nice to have a lesson on your new equipment, therefore the instructor can guide you how to set up and use your kit. There are countless occasions when we see individuals purchase a cheap old kite off eBay or gumtree that simply are not suitable for use these days. Prior to 2008 kites were significantly more dangerous than they are today, this is mainly due to the introduction of bow kites. Bow kites have a bridle that allow the kite to gain depower by releasing the bar outwards from the body. It is imperative that you choose a kite that is suitable for your ability. The best way to purchase a kite is to consult your instructor and local shop for genuine expert advice.


There are 5 main pieces of equipment you need to kite surf; a kite, board, bar & lines, harness and safety leash SHQ Boardsports always have great beginner packages and expert advise for people getting into the sport, it is one of the oldest stores in the country, 100% rider owned supporting local kite surfers since the beginning.

Once you have the gear you can now unlock the beauty of kitesurfing. The wind and beach is free to use and you can explore many wonderful beaches local to Melbourne, regional areas, interstate or even go on a Moon Tours international kite adventure, the possibilities are endless.


If you’re not ready to purchase a kit, you can keep developing your skills by purchasing an Ozone Ignition trainer kite or a Progression DVD, these are both useful cost effective tools that can help you become a better kite surfer.

February 07, 2017


Win a Wiz Mount - SHQ Photo Competition

Win a WizMount camera pack valued at $215!

Strap on the CU2pack and get in the picture with all the action — even the most extreme maneuvers and conditions.

The CU2pack adjusts to any position and holds your camera securely at any angle. Set up is fast and simple. The complete kit fits within the backpack, which can also hold your water, keys, phone, and other equipment.


Simply share your favorite water sports moment with us.

Instagram - #shqboardsports or @shqboardsports

Facebook - share directly onto our SHQ Boardsports timeline.

Tag your it!


Competition T&Cs

- Competition will run for the month of February 2017

- Open to Australian residents only

- Shipping included Australia only.

- Winner will be our favourite photo judged by our panel of 10 staff.

- Winner must be able supply original image to SHQ.

- Any image with #shqboardsports is giving us SHQ permission to be shared on our social media & use on our website.

- Unlimited entries

- Winner announced on the 28/02/17 by Social media & SHQ WEBSITE.

February 06, 2017


5 must have SUP accessories

SUP Sling - By Ocean & Earth

If you have just a short walk to the beach, or constantly juggling towels, bags & kids! 

Comes in a compact Bum Bag, slip your suncream & water bottle in and when your out on the water you can clip it around your waist.  
Adjustable webbing allows this to fit any board.
Super comfortable padded shoulder strap,  also has a velcro paddle holder feature.



Locking tie downs - By Kanu Locks

This is why you need KanuLock. With regular tie-downs anyone can walk up to your car and take your board within 10 seconds, without any tools and without attracting any attention.

With KanuLock straps your board or kayak can’t be slid out, the straps are reinforced with stainless steel and can’t be cut with a knife, they make less wind noise and are very easy to use. Lock any board or kayak to any roof-rack, it is so simple.



SUP wheels - By SUP WHEELS

It’s an all-too-familiar story with summertime SUP excursions: crowded parking lots, having to park six blocks from the water and stopping every five minutes because your finger tips are burning from carrying your massive SUP.

SUPs are tough to carry. Some can weigh as much as a punching bag, can be far too wide to wrap your arm around and the built-in handles are rarely comfy enough to accommodate a walk longer than a few dozen yards.



Stand Up Paddle Cover  - By Balin

Balin is a local brand to the Mornington Peninsula and have been servicing the surf industry since 1974!

Protection and features at the right price. The range suits board sizes from 8'0 to 14'0 Race Covers in Regular (to fit up to 32") or Wide (to fit up to 36") templates.



Water proof pouch - By Ocean & Earth

Pouch fits phones, keys, cards, money. 
Keep valuables with you safe & dry, 
Comes on a neck lanyard perfect for Stand Up paddling. 

February 06, 2017


Great to have the windsurf legend Jason Polakow visit SHQ this weekend

Great to have the windsurf legend Jason Polakow visit SHQ this weekend - he can still pull a crowd!  Thanks everyone for coming and thanks Jason for sharing some insights into big wave windsurfing -

(sorry all the snags got eaten before you managed to get one).

Hope everyone managed to get something signed but if not you can check out JP's original wild winds sail he signed for us which will take pride of place above the shop counter.

January 23, 2017


Garage SALE 4th - 5th of Feb

Our legendary Garage Sale is on again!!!


Don't miss this chance to turn your old get into new gear & grab yourself a bargain.


We have particularly high demand for 100L + windsurf boards and 5.5m - 7m windsurf sails, second hand SUPs, 11 or 12 meter kites!



BBQ sausage sizzle 

81 Beach Rd, Sandringham - - 03 - 95982867




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