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Kitesurfing Lessons - Sunshine Coast

Do you want to get involved in the exciting sport of Kitesurfing?
 At Sunshine Coast Boardsports we offer professional service, advice and prices in all aspects of the sport of kitesurfing. We have been promoting kitesurfing and supporting kiters since 2000 by providing lessons with professional IKO (International Kiteboarding Organisation) accredited Instructors in a beautiful, safe and fun environment on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Kite Action and North Kiteboarding have teamed up to bring you the thrill and experience of kiteboarding in a fun and safe manner using the latest 2020 equipment.

 Ready to book?

Discover Kitesurfing in 2 Hours $289

The Discover Kitesurfing lesson is a 2 hour lesson that will guide you through the kiteboarding basics in a fun and safe setting. This program is structured to give you best opportunity to experience kiteboarding and is a great introduction to the sport. This lesson is taught on 1 kite per student with a maximum of 2 students per instructor and is a beach and water lesson.

How to set up your equipment.
 Understanding the safety systems of your kite and harness.
 Learning about the wind and how your kite reacts to those forces.
Understanding your control bar and saftey systems.
 Basic kite flying techniques.
 Launching and landing.
 Kite relaunching, Kite pack down with Care and Maintenance Tips.

    On Board 4 Hour Package $380

    Kite Action's On Board Package is a Board Start lesson, 4 hours one-on-one with our experienced instructors. It is designed to give you the best shot at getting up and riding in just 1 day. Covering everything taught in our Discover lesson, then stepping it up to board starts and progressing your board riding technique.

    Includes everything from our "Discover Kitesurfing" package plus
    Launching and landing.
    Kite relaunching.
    Power strokes.
     Water relaunching techniques.
    Body dragging, upwind/downwind.
     Board starts.
     Board riding technique.
     Kite pack down with Care and Maintenance Tips. 


      Kite Action 6 Hour Package $490.

      The Kite Action 6-Hour Package is designed for students who have made the choice to take up the sport of kiteboarding. This package will take you through all the skills required to help you become a competent and self-reliant kiteboarder. This package is taught 1 on 1 over 2/3 lessons and aims to have you confident in your ability to safely explore what this sport has to offer. Covering everything taught in our Discover lesson, then stepping it up to board starts and progressing your board riding technique.
      Includes everything from our "on board" package plus 
      Self rescue techniques. 
      Body dragging, upwind/downwind. 
      Board starts. 
      Board riding technique. 
      Riding switch  
      Riding upwind. 
      Kite pack down with care



        Located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast just 1 hour drive north of Brisbane, our locations offer some of the safest and consistent spots for learning kiteboarding in Australia. We offer many different kiteboarding lessons & packages to suit everyone’s needs, skills and progression. Kite Action Kiteboarding is fully insured and uses only International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) qualified kiteboarding instructors to provide you with a quality structured lesson to get you up and riding in no time. 


        Our lessons are personally designed for you so you will learn all aspects of the sport, such as: pre-flight check; kitesurfing theory (wind, weather, safety, etc); choosing suitable locations; equipment selection; all the necessary skills and techniques to have you performing to your best ability and aspirations. Equipment is not required. 

        Weather conditions are an important aspect when learning a wind sport.
        If you have booked a lesson or are in receipt of a gift voucher, it is important to contact the instructor on the day of your lesson to confirm suitable weather conditions. Be prepared to be flexible as good weather conditions bring out the best in everyone!!
        Please contact us at our store Sunshine Coast Boardsports at 0754913065 or via Email at to discuss your booking and future availability.
        Lessons Booking Calendar link SCboardsports Booking calendar
        Every lesson needs to be canceled or rescheduled at least 24 hours before the booking time.
        We do not give refunds for change of mind, however, a store credit can be claimed for incomplete lessons.
        ***REFUND POLICY***
        Kitesurf, Wing Foil and Windsurf lessons are not refundable, however, if the lessons can not be delivered due to weather conditions, we are happy to reschedule the lesson for another suitable day or alternatively a credit note will be generated in-store for the full amount of the lesson.

        See you on the water!!