Kitesurf Spot Guide - South East QLD, Sunshine Coast

Where can I kitesurf on the Sunshine Coast?

See the drop pins in the map below on for info on all the local spots around Caloundra and South East Queensland. 

Caloundra Rivermouth (Happy Valley)
Direction -- E to S
Hazards -- Tidal 3-4 knots. Active wave zone. Occasional power boat - Give way to boat crossing the bar - U R more manoeuvrable. Rock ledge part of North shore line. Be aware of dropping kite if you are relying on the tidal flow to boost light winds - wave zone will punish you.

Description -- Can be sensational spot - worth a look. Can rig in park at hi tide. Showers. Coastal watch - Camera covers site.

Level -- Not for beginners - inexperienced get supervision.
Restrictions: respect other beach users. space gets limited - avoid if possible over xmas holidays unless conditions have cleared the sand bar of public.
Golden Beach (Onslow - cadets shed)
Direction -- Best for incoming tide in a SE and Outgoing tide in NE, S to NE (can take an easterly).
Hazards -- Water Scout's flag pole near launch (boo hoo!!) realistically minimal hazards, exposed sand banks at low tide. U can run aground and face plant at low tide!! - boating channel on Bribie Island side. Some anchored boats to north close to shore.

Description -- Great spot - Shallow for foiling go 500m south for depth. Flat water, chops up on high tide. Need 15+ knots for it to be windy enough here - incoming tide helps. In a S-SE.  If you come in late & do not have help - U can walk out and drop your kite in the wind shadow. As all new things practice when you have help. Can launch on sandbars at low tide.

(There is an alternate launch 800 metres to North - with the wind surfers - nice bunch of guys - need a bit more experience down there, not raw beginner).
Level -- Beginners and up expect(!! & give) help everyone mucks in.
South of - Military Jetty
Direction: S-E-NE.
Hazhards: Assumption U can kite - launch requires knowledge and skill. UR here to foil. v.small land based launch spots. Minimal hazhards, boat anchorage, stay south of boat launch (Jet skis mostly). U can run aground in odd places at low low tide on 72cm+ mast - boating channel marked.
Description: Great spot - for practising and learning foiling on smooth-ish water. Easy to drift launch except strong easterly it gets too deep to stand. There is a small section of sand on shore line for 1 at a time launching.
Maroochy Rivermouth (Cotton Tree)
Direction -- NNE to SE
Hazards -- Tidal 3-4 knots - some random parked fishing boats - some blinkered kiters. Wind shadow in a SE'ly. Be aware of dropping kite if you are relying on the tidal flow to boost light winds - wave zone will punish you. Rocky Headland on North = Pin Cushion
Description -- Lovely spot - back from the actual mouth mostly flat - best high tide to mid-low tide. Be sensible rigging, it is a popular public spot. Nice kickers going out to sea. You can walk in down the beach from the north.
As long as you know what UR doing - If you loose your board get to shore and run up the beach and try to intercept it before the wave zone - U can't easily body drag against the tidal flow.
Level -- Not beginners. Fit enough to release kite and swim - take advice.
Cotton Tree
Site of the 2017 State Freestyle Titles.

Direction NE - ENE - On a calmer day E-ESE nearer the front.
Hazards -- River channel - tidal flow - occasional ray, wind dropping out, low tide(!!) = zero water depth.
Description -(Use Satellite not map view!!) - Nice spot. To get here U need to launch on the sand bar and go across the channel then when the tide is right (mid - hi) you get a great flat water spot to pick up your skills. Note the wind direction no go from the SE you get into a wind shadow.
Level -- not raw beginner but once you are up on a board it is a good spot. Under no circumstances go near the main river mouth channel this can be dangerous - definitely more experience and not for beginners.
Sandstone point
Direction: SW-S-SSE Best in SW.
Hazards: Might be unlucky walking on sharp shell when out 30+ metres, narrow beach at high tide. You might get a Manatou scaring the _rap out of you once you are out a fairway. Yes that passage is a popular boating channel but it is not close.
Description: Lovely spot. Grass setup if you want. Fairly shallow for a fair distance out. Use from low to high tide. At low tide from the SW there are sheltered patches of mirror. You can run across to Bongaree in SW. So many other sites for S and SE direction I have not been there. Just for SW = winter. In a Southerly it will be fairly choppy, and chances are any wind coming off Bribie Island will cause turbulence.
Level: Beginner.
Bribie Island - open beach
Direction - NNE to SSE.
Hazards -- Open beach with deep channel - Strong tidal flow and rip currents.
Description -- It is beautiful
You can drive onto beach North of here (WOORIM) 4WD ONLY!! and probably go almost to Caloundra on a down winder. Once I find out more will update.
Or as your foil journey but.. U MUST have experience and know your capacity it is open water the shipping lane for Brisbane...
Level -- experienced and in company.
Bongaree - Bribie Island
Direction -- WSW - SSW
Hazard - Boat channel, Deep water straight off beach, tidal current. Usually a winter site - cold & blustery. Do not go beyond south end of island - strong rips.
Description -- Good pie shop on Esplanade - some times great sometimes U wonder why U bothered - high tide there is often a tidal lagoon (long and thin) can work well.
DI lagoon
Direction -- NW - N - NNE
Hazhards -- Tidal 4WD access.
Description -- Beautiful - Layed back - Lagoon is tidal low tide = 40% of high tide. It changes shape - (2011 twice as big as 2012). An ideal day = high tide between 11:00 - 14:00 get there before 3/4 tide in leave after 3/4 out. Access from Noosa end (Tewantin) or Rainbow (Also Freshwater = emergency exit!!).
Restrictions -- National Park Rules To drive on the beach you need a permit (Daily/weekly etc). Gazetted road on the beach.
Level -- All.
(DI= Double Island Point)
nskip Point - inside lagoon
Wind -- SSW thru W probably thru to NNW
Hazhards -- Tidal - a strong tide runs into the channel between Fraser Island and Inskip and out to sea - U do not want to be body dragging out there -- Car Ferries + known shark zone.
Description -- Great normally smooth water - inlet - beautiful spot.
Restrictions -- National Park rules apply - popular camping ground.
Level - Suggest you are confident re-launching and can go upwind. In Lagoon area ok for P plates where U can touch. Learners with help.