SHQ Team Reviews - Kitesurfing

This page gives an insight into what gear the SHQ team like to ride on a daily basis. They were asked to write short reviews on their favourite pieces of gear - equipment that they couldn't live without.

If you want more information on any of the gear give SHQ a ring on 03 9598 2867, but prepare for a long conversation, they love talking about gear they are passionate for!



Name:  Nick P

Weight:  93kg

Riding Style:  Surf, freeride

Kite:  Cabrinha Moto 9m

I find this kite gives excellent performance across all kiting disciplines. I am big on a one kite quiver allowing me to dabble in any style of riding i want without compromising too much on performance. Three struts on this kite make it light and maneuverable, it makes for an excellent foiling kite also. I love a 9m as it gives a fast responsive kite but can still pull when required. The wind range for me with this kite is 20-30knots.

Board:  North Cross 5'0"

Similar to my kite, I always look to have a board that will allow me to make the most of whatever conditions are that day. The cross is a great all-rounder that I can throw into waves one day and practice my strapless back rolls the next. Personally, I like a short directional board as it gives great, responsive turning this is why I find the 5'0" suits me so much, however this does mean it loses a bit of light wind riding ability, and I have to stay more powered up when wave riding.



Name:  Alan

Weight:  75kg

Riding Style:  Surf / Free Ride / Boost 

Kite:  Cabrinha Drifter 7m / 11m

I love the drifter because it provides me with a super predictable, versatile platform to have fun in all condition, Boosting on my Twin-Tip in the bay or riding waves down the coast or in the bay on my directional. The Drifter is a very forgiving kite with several settings to help customise the ride to suit your style. The latest Nano-Ripstop from Cabrinha is amazing, it keeps the kite feeling new & responsive even after heavy use. 

 Directional board:  Cabrinha X:Breed Pro 5'1"

For the Surf I currently run the Cabrinha X:Breed Pro 5'1", I went for this board as I often find myself riding "waves" in the bay & dabbling with strapless freestyle. It is super light, (Under 3kg with fins & deck pad) but also super strong. There are no deck compressions after a season of use. this is due to the proprietary honeycombed core construction. 

Twin tip:  Cabrinha ACE Hybrid 138

The Ace Hybrid provides a nice compromise between a stiff freestyle board & a more forgiving freeride platform. The Hybrid Carbon construction gives great feedback & "Pop" & the channels offer a nice level of grip without feeling too "Sticky" when you need the board to release. I also choose to run smaller 30mm fins to help loosen up the board.