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North 2020 from North Kiteboarding on Vimeo.
North Kiteboarding is back with a full new range of kite gear! A 'new' brand able to develop products in new exciting ways but with a wealth of experience backing up the design team. North Kiteboarding is gearing up to become a force to be reckoned with!
After hitting the 19/20 season with great success accross their range of kites (Carve, Pulse and Orbit); twintips (Atmos, Prime, Focus, Flare) and directional boards (comp, chase, carve, cross), North kite boarding have released their new weapon, the Reach Kite. Designed to be the desert island kite, the only thing you need to have fun no matter what rider style you are.
Melbourne, VIC, Australia, QLD, Sunshine Coast, Perth, WA, NSW, Sydney, Brisbane. Bargain prices. Cheap North kites, Buy North kites.

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