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WingFoil Spot Guide: Melbourne & Surrounds

Wing Foil Spot Guide

Where can I wing foil in Melbourne?

Do you want to know the best locations for WingFoiling in and around Melbourne? This list includes the locations around Melbourne, within Port Phillip Bay and an hour or so East or West of the greater Melbourne metropolitan area. Each location includes best wind directions. If you have any other secret locations that you think should be included on our Most popular wingfoil spot list do let us know.  

Port Phillip Bay

Port Phillip Bay is an ideal Wing foiling location with a large variety of launch locations that cover most wind directions. Once the wind picks up the bay can develop decent swell which works really well for this sport. 

Port Phillip Bay - North


This location can work on both Easterly or Westerly winds but can be a little gusty. It also works for Southerlies, SW, SE and Summer Sea Breezes

St Kilda, Middle Park

Works well on Southerlies and Summer Sea Breezes. St Kilda West Beach provides some protection from the shore break as swell develop.

Dawson & Cole Streets (Elwood)

This spot works well on South Westerly through to Westerly wind. Some shore break can be expected.

Dendy St (Brighton)

Works best on South through to North West wind directions.

Green Point (Brighton)

Best spot for North through to North Westerly.


Good for learning but the reef can pose a hazard. Works best for Southerly/South Westerly directions. Better on Mid to High tide to avoid reef strikes.

Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary (Beaumaris)

Works well on Easterlies and can also be good on a Westerly. Watch out for the reef!

Port Phillip Bay - East

Parkdale through to Mordialloc

Works for South through West to West North West. It can provide a protected launch spot for West North West. Full Westerly winds can result in significant shore break.

Aspendale, Edithvale, Chelsea, Bonbeach & Seaford

These spots can be winged on anything from a southerly through to North Westerly but can develop shorbreak as wind directions swing more westerly.



Nice little protected launch on South Westerly wind directions makes getting in and out a little easier as there isn't any shorebreak to deal with.

Port Phillip Bay - South

Safety Beach, Dromana, Rosebud & Rye

These locations can work on Westerly through to Northerly although the stronger Northerly winds only reach down this end of the bay once summer is over and the weather cools.
Rosebud is the kiters safe haven and is therefore best avoided on foil.

Mornington Peninsular

Flinders, Shoreham, Point Leo & Balnarring

These locations can work for WSW through to Southerly.

Bass Coast

Inverloch - Anderson Inlet

The inlet at Inverloch features many sand bars and some defined channels which move about over time. This can make it difficult to navigate and only suitable at certain tide levels.

South Gippsland

Sandy Point - Shallow Inlet

The main channel in the inlet works well for beginners on both Easterlies and South west through to Southerly winds.

Sandy Point/Waratah Bay

Easterly directions provide

Locations West of Melbourne

13th Beach

Torquay - Point Impossible

Torquay - Point Danger