The people behind SHQ


Field of expertise: Experienced kitesurfer & instructor, product selection & technical advice as well being an experienced tour guide.

History: Now an owner of SHQ along with his Moon Tours Travel company, Trent keeps very busy and is supported by his gorgeous partner Steph. They both have a real passion for kiteboarding and adventure travel.

Personal Statement: It is my goal to bring new people into the sport as quickly and safely as possible, through quality tuition, great products and the right advice when it comes to my clients investing in their own equipment and getting out on the water.

There are a lot of people out there "giving kitesurfing ago" without professional instruction and using the wrong gear, which usually ends with some kind of kite mare. Seeing people enjoying the sport independently and safely riding equipment suitable for them is what it's all about for me.



Field of expertise: Women's Kiting & SUP

History: Mananger of our Mornington Peninsula, Rosebud store. Along with her partner they are Moon Tours - World wide travel company based around watersports.

Personal Statement: My goal within the SHQ team is to introduce and encourage as many girls into kitesurfing & SUP world as I can. Kiting can be as mellow or extreme as you choose and same with SUP. Its so nice to be on the water with other girls who support and coach each other to try new things.

Contact Steph directly if your a new girl to Melbourne :-) 


Field of expertise: Windsurfing

History: Mechanical Engineer, then 10 years in management consulting and corporate strategy now an owner of SHQ Boardsports living the dream and sharing the passion.

Personal Statement: Watersports are my passion, if I'm not on the water myself then I'll be trying to get others onto the best gear to help them have fun, progress get the most out of their time on the water.


Field of expertise: All things kiteboarding, kite-racing, wavesailing and SUP surfing.

History: I've been doing this since I was a teenager!  (Yeah, that's a surprise to me too.)

Personal Statement: SHQ is without a doubt the most awesome shop I've been to and believe me, I have seen a lot of them.  Of course I am a little bit biased but I can say in all honesty that after more than ten years it's impossible to get bored here.  Windsurfing.  Kiteboarding.  SUP.  Surfing.  Great brands.  Huge range.  And the best crew to help you get the most out of your time on the water.  There is something for everyone!


Field of expertise: Windsurfing, Surfing

History: I’ve enjoyed the water my whole life, and got into windsurfing after moving from Queensland to Melbourne. Now I spend all of my spare time hunting down waves – windsurfing or surfing!

Personal Statement: Being involved with the SHQ crew is awesome – everyone is really passionate about the sports they are into and all rip. They also support me with the best gear I can get, and enable me to experience some of the best spots in the world. 


Field of expertise: Windsurfing – love freestyle and wavesailing.

History: Originally from a skate and snowboarding background, I’ve spend the last 8 or 9 years windsurfing and loving every minute of it!

Personal Statement: I’ve just got myself an engineering degree, so I love keeping up to date with all the new developments in equipment and technology.


Field of expertise: Kiteboarding

History: It's all about the future.

Personal Statement: I think kiting is pretty much the ultimate sport that you can get involved with around the bay, keeps you active in nice beaches with great people!