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Windsurfing Spot guide - Sunshine Coast

Where can I windsurf on the Sunshine Coast?


Golden beach 1

The Northerly Spot at Golden beach works best in the spring to early summer North to Northeasterly Winds and offers excellent Flatwater as on low tide it gets sheltered by one of the Pumicestone passage sandbars creating a smooth flatwater spot ideal for Freeride, Speed-sailing, Slalom and Freestyle Windsurfing.


Golden beach 2

This More Southern Spot at Golden beach works best in the regular Summer South to South easterly Winds and offers excellent Flatwater as it gets sheltered by one of the Pumicestone passage sandbars on low tide creating a smooth flatwater spot ideal for Freeride, Speed-sailing, Slalom and Freestyle Windsurfing.


Calounrda Br:

The Caloundra bar or Happy Valley is an excellent Side to Side onshore Bump and Jump Windsurf Spot that works best in South to South easterly Winds. This spot is a great place to get your first experiences in the waves but you need to be cautious with the tide as the outgoing tide can be dangerous to in experienced Sailors.


Neill St:

The most popular Wave Sailing spot on the coast. There are 2 main Spots here both require you to be a competent Sailor.  The Inside reef favors the higher tide but can be a Little tricky as it is easy to get too Close to the rocks. The 2nd spot is the outside reef this is a super safe Spot  as the waves are Pushing into deep water. Both Spots Work best in a SE to ESE Wind


Mooloolaba Spit:

The Mooloolaba Spit Works is one of the only ocean Spots that works well in North North West to North Easterly Winds. It offers excellent Bump and Jump Side Onshore Windsurfing with some larger ocean swells coming through further out. On larger Swells the shore break can be tricky to navigate.


Cotton Tree:

Cotton Tree dose not see a lot of people Sailing it but it dose offer some fun Wave Sailing on the ocean side and Freeride conditions on the inside  in almost all wind directions  north to northeast and south to south east winds work well here. Caution needs to be taken with the tide as the outgoing tide Gets very choppy and can be Dangerous. 


Stumers Creek:

Stumers Creek is one of the few places that are good for Windsurfing on the Ocean in North to North East Winds as a Little rock groin Protects from the strong northerly sweep. Stumers offers some excellent Jumping and Wavsailing conditions but on high tide the sweep can get quiet strong.


Lake Weyba:

Lake Weyba offers great Freeride, Slalom and Speed Windsurfing conditions with super long runs, flat water, a large shallow area and no current making it a super safe and great spot to learn. There are some submerged rocks to be careful of.


Noosa Rive Mouth:

The Noosa River offers some great Flatwater sailing for Freeride, Slalom and Freestyle Windsurfing on the inside. The outside offers Some fun wave sailing and jumping conditions. Ideal wind directions are south to south east and North to North easterly.


Lake Cootharaba:

Lake Cootharaba offers excellent Flatwater Windsurf conditions for Slalom, Freeride Freestyle and Learning. With its super long runs this Spot is also favored by some of the Local Speed Sailors . Being an inland lake it is sheltered from larger waves and currents making it a great safe spot to learn Windsurfing. There are some submerged Rocks to be cautious off.


Double island Point:

A very special spot that offer a variety of Windsurfing conditions. The inside Lagoon offers excellent flatwater conditions for Freestyle, Freeride and slalom it works in North west ,North , North east and easterly winds. The Outside wave Spot is a Novelty spot that dose rarely work, it requires an easterly wind.