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2021 North Carve Kite


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Surf / Strapless Freestyle
Instant drift with a flick of the wrist
Two-stage arc with direct pivot steering
The Carve's responsive two-stage arc design enables tighter turns without excessive amounts of power. The two-stage arc allows the smooth curved efficient central region of the kite to produce power, while straighter wing tips provide a more dynamic steering response. As the arc shape becomes narrower the kite uses less of its projected area, giving it a smaller turning radius for tighter turns, and less pull or power in turns. The Carve, a narrower span kite, is fast in flight, with less power overall.
NEW evolved drift
The Carve is a statically balanced, stable kite that resists nose diving. Down the line drift is most important when the wind?s onshore. The more offshore it gets, the more important it is for the kite to fly forward. New bridling ensures you?re able to maintain the drift when you're sheeted in, the kite is responsive and goes down the line. But when it?s offshore or you're riding overpowered, there's now a lot more reaction from the kite when you sheet out, and its ability to fly forward is greatly improved.
NEW improved top end performance
Changes to the bridle have improved the top end wind range of the kite. It maintains linear power delivery and you can still ride it a size smaller, but we've traded a little from the bottom end for a considerable amount more top end depower. Now that we've improved the top end on this kite, you can experience bigger jumps with better hang time in stronger conditions. This gives strapless freestyle riders the ability to choose a bigger size kite than you?d use for wave riding yet still have the control and manageability you need for jumps and hang time for tricks.
NEW low-drag, no-pulley bridle lines
The NEW bridling provides an extremely direct feel in both bar pressure and steering initiation, with more intuitive feedback from the bar in both directions so you'll always know where your kite is. The new bridling enables more responsive steering and pivoty turns, limiting the amount of power that is produced so you generate less speed in your bottom turns, and can ride closer to the pocket of the wave. Our NEW high quality spliced, pre-stretched bridle lines are pre-loaded and measured before cutting to improve accuracy and consistency. This results in reduced shrinkage, reduced elongation and improved longevity. Removing ALL pulleys from the bridle improves safety and gives the kite direct and precise handling. The end result is lower drag, more accuracy and a more direct feeling.
NEW surf-tough construction with lightweight reinforced canopy
We've maintained the surf tough construction by replacing the dacron canopy panels with a NEW heavy duty lighter, stronger canopy reinforcement material. The reinforcement protects the lighter inner main canopy body and allows the kite to be more responsive in the steering and depower. This adds strength and elongation control, protecting the lighter inner main canopy body and producing a durable kite that can hold its profile for increased performance and lift. Because the new fabric is more conforming to the inflated structure, it creates a smoother, cleaner entry on the profiles.
Refined aerodynamic profile transition panels
The profile transition panels ensure that as the leading edge expands, tension from the elongation doesn't migrate into the canopy and a precise lateral profile shape is maintained as close to the leading edge as possible. This creates a smooth transition from the segmented leading edge to the curved canopy so the profiles are more uniform throughout the entire wing. The panels reduce inconsistencies in the profile, resulting in a smoother, more efficient kite, with more aerodynamic airflow, drive and stability.
Fast-launching swept leading edge design

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