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For short or long distances, on flat or small choppy conditions, the inflatable Touring is your board of choice.

The voluminous nose helps you pop through chop, carry some gear and increase the boards stability, while the squared tail creates a platform to make fun step back turns.

The boards have straight outline and relatively narrow midsection, so you can keep the paddle closest to the board. This makes you feel more comfortable and stable while you also track better and glide faster.

If you want a faster sensation, the new Touring S has a slenderer design at 28? width, this is great if you are light or have a good balance.

If you want a more stable and solid feel, carry more gear or are a heavier rider, the new Touring L is your choice

All our Touring boards have the edge release technology to reduce drag by creating a laminar flow behind the board.

The flexible shoulder carry strap makes it easier to carry the board. The GoPro mount and bungee tie-down are basics but essential. And the patented magnetic bottle holder helps keep you hydrated.

Longer Touring boards make you glide better; shorter boards are easier to turn and wider boards are more stable.

If you are a heavier rider you want a 6? thick board as it has more flotation and is stiffer.

Our different sizes and constructions are here to fit your skills level, body size and expectations

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