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2022 JP-Australia HydroFoil LXT




JP?s HydroFoils were one of the very first specialised boards for foiling and they were trendsetters right from the start of the foil revolution. The overall range of use and the all-round appeal of the first two generations made them extremely popular and successful on the market. Get ready to meet the third generation! The two boards can best be summarized as user-friendly scaled-down versions of the 'HF Slalom' model. The updates make the brand-new shapes easier to access, to control and to fly. Being super comfortable to ride, they are also more efficient and faster. The 133 and 155 represent JP?s most balanced mix of user-friendliness combined with top foil performance.

The 2021 boards were great and only full-on race designs challenged their performance. So, what was the drive, the motivation to bring new shapes in this segment?
The reason was the success and the feel of the latest developments of JP?s foil performance board: The HydroFoil Slalom is simply incredibly fast yet super comfortable and easy to sail. In fact, this ease is the key to its success. Consequently, shaper Werner Gnigler wanted to transfer these benefits to the recreational foil class, getting rid of all superfluous volume and width. Compare it to regular windsurfing, the same connection exists between the pure performance and the freerace class: once the Slalom boards get substantially better or faster, these advantages are transferred into the Super Sport shapes.

Shaper Werner Gnigler states: ?We remained true to our concept, offering a pure foil board. I kept my focus on making fast foiling easy and accessible, but still extremely exciting. Hence, I improved stability, comfort and control because ? once airborne ? these are the prerequisites for a fast run on all tracks.?


Despite being marginally narrower, the proportions and dimensions of the new boards remain similar to their predecessors. The even distribution of volume offered great stability and already helped the ?old? 135 and 150 to lift off early. So ? even though this did not change ? it is important to mention these retained advantages: The shortness keeps the swing weight low for control, adding to that overall balanced feel. In the air, the compact hulls feel very balanced and provide the feel of total control and dominance over the foil.
As a bonus, the volume in the nose provides sufficient float for uphauling on these short boards.

The 3rd generation combines the virtues of the freeride and performance foil classes. They are great fun and exciting to sail as they fly at blistering pace.
Recreational riders will be especially impressed with their speed across the wind.
Ease is the base of their performance! The comfortable stance on the board makes everything more efficient, stable and controllable. The confidence to fly fast comes naturally on these boards!
These super-fast boards are so easy to ride and control that the pros will be sailing them in competitions when the conditions get hairy.
HydroFoil ? accessible foil pace and fun for everyone.

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