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2022 Select Fins Edge G10

Select Fins

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SELECT Windsurf fin Edge
Board fit: FREERIDE & FREESLAM boards
Purpose: Free riding hi-performance
* FreeSlalom and FreeRide hybrid fin.
* Fast and easy take off
* Easy to ride
* Very comfortable in choppy conditions
* Very good speed/maneuverability ratio.
As a dedicated freeride design, Edge G10 is all about getting its rider planing as fast and easy as possible. Assisting an early take-off and bringing the board to speed, the Edge G10 remains reliable even in choppy conditions.
BASE - Rigid fin base for stable power transmission
DOUBLE CURVE OUTLINE - Double curve for increased maneuverability
TWIST - Blocked twist for increasing the lift
FLEX - Soft tip for comfortable riding. Generates a good amount of lift.
Technology - CNC FR4.C
Machining (CNC) is one of the two technologies used to manufacture SELECT fins. New CAD / CAM software associated with new large-framed high speed machining center enables Select to make new fins with a superior precision. Unlike other fins on the market (made from epoxy or raw polyester sheets), SELECT full CNC fins are machined from FR4.C / High Density > High Strength prepreg sheets.
The advantages of SELECT CNC machining FR4.C:
Machining provides manufacturing precision and consistent production.
As an alternative to molded carbon fins, pre-preg FR4.C machining allows us to offer an excellent range of fins at more affordable prices.

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