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2022 Starboard STARBOARD SUP Pro Limited Series


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Our Pro range has been designed and developed by our World Champion riders Benoit Carpentier and Zane Schweitzer, giving you the best high-performance shape to rip like a pro in the waves. 

The short compact outline reduces the swing weight, making it easier and faster for you to turn and fit in more critical pockets of the wave without the nose catching. The thin rails require less effort to turn the board on rail, giving you more control to whip the board around and generate faster speeds to set up for explosive manoeuvres. The sharp rail edge at the tails gives you more drive and bite through turns, making you feel more InControl with every manoeuvre. The swallow tail allows you to pump and reach faster speeds and sharper turns in more critical sections of the wave. The fins are positioned to close to the rail so you have more bite and faster response to maneuver.

Blue Carbon Pro comes with FCSII side fin boxes and Limited Series comes with normal side fin boxes. 

The Pro line is offered in the Blue Carbon Pro and Limited Series, as well as a range of sizes from 6?8? x 24? to 9?0? x 30? to match your skill level and rider weight

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