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2022 Starboard STARBOARD SUP Wedge Limited Series


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All at 32” wide, the Wedge range is designed to give you the best surfing performance without compromising stability, so you can surf better for longer. 

The narrow nose allows you to generate more speed on the wave and makes it easier to turn without catching the nose. The pulled in tail makes the board very lively and responsive to manoeuvre, allowing you to have full control when stepping back to turn. The thin rails define turning performance, easier for you to turn on rail with less effort creating an amazing feel of response. These boards are very versatile, so you can surf in big to small conditions and the larger sizes gets into sup surfing for the first time.

Our different sizes and constructions are here to fit your skills level, body size and expectations, your satisfaction guaranteed from8’7” x 32” to 11’2” x 32”

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