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2023 Fanatic Foilboard Downwinder


The 2023 Fanatic Downwinder was developed for one purpose only: To paddle on the foil as easy as possible and to surf any kind of swell as long as possible.

The fascination of downwind foiling takes on a whole new dimension with this board. The Downwinder is available in 5'10? and 6'2? and has been completely optimized for downwind foiling. The shape is based on a SUP race board and helps you to get on the foil even in the smallest swell with maximum control, so you can keep on flying as long as you want! The stretched outline allows you to use smaller foils and fly long distances at higher speeds. The increased volume in the nose area makes the board easier to launch in difficult conditions. The low deck reduces the thickness of the board and supplies a more direct feeling to the foil. The round nose and full rails turn into a beveled rail towards the tail and make the board very easy to control at touchdown.

The board is also easy to lift again in order to be able to keep on flying. Due to the slimmer outline towards the back, the surface area is reduced around the tail, which ensures that the board does not slow down during touchdowns and remains flying. The foil tracks are pushed far forward, therefore extreme high aspect wings can be used as well. It also allows to adjust the position to your body weight, foil and own preferences. In order to have less resistance when paddling and a non-interrupted deck pad, there are no handles on the bottom and the deck. This board is completely geared towards the latest foil designs and will take your downwinding to a new level.

*Fanatic Products Only Available at SHQ Branch, Melbourne.

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