2023 JP-Australia Surf Plus


Surf Plus


Surfplus are all new designs equipped with all features of a modern wave shape. The plus stands for extra width and stability improving the success rate of riding waves tremendously no matter how demanding the conditions are without sacrificing radical performance.

The shapes hide their volume well and feel smaller and more compact then they actually are. The secret is based on the rocker of our surf shapes which helps during take off and maintaining speed through turns.

The unique stability of such a radical performing board comes from the rather parallel outline along the midsection in combination with double concaves sitting on a slight V.

The deck is flat for a comfortable, secure stance with thin rails holding their line when needed.

The tail sections feature a swallow tail with wingers. The beauty is that we can create extra planing surface further back on the board improving the glide and stability. Behind the winger we pulled in the tail outline and increased the V flow for super tight turns when demanded. The swallow tail helps changing the rail faster and offers a looser feel.

Generating speed and tighter turns are owed to the pulled in nose outline also equipped with a single concave for better glide and take off.

The fin set up leaves all options open. The board can be used as a quad or thruster. The FCS system offers it all.

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