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2023 NeilPryde Fly Wing


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High lift, ultra efficient wing. Dramatically increased range and power, allowing you to use a far smaller wing than is typical in each set of conditions.


High Lift Coefficient Concept

Due to the highly refined LE geometry and entry shaping, each wing produces the maximum thrust (power and acceleration) for its size. This dramatically increases the range, allowing riders to use a smaller wing than is typical in each set of conditions. The result is easier handling and greater maneuverability.

Modified delta Planform

This creates a more efficient LE shape and an elliptical spanwise lift distribution for better upwind performance and control.

Dihedral Front Profile 

The dihedral angle allows higher aspect ratios due to increased wingtip clearance. It also makes the wing very roll stable, especially when flagging.

Low Drag Wingtips with Linear Washout 

The small LE diameter at the wingtips reduces drag and allows dynamic twist. This improves low end acceleration during pumping as well as control when powered up.

Vented Strut

The large opening between the LE and the front of the fill panel (which connects the canopy to the strut) allows the pressure to equalize across the two sides of the wing. This improves overall performance and makes the wing even more stable.

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