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2023 NeilPryde Fusion HD


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Sitting right between the Atlas and Ryde in our range, the Fusion offers excellent bump and jump performance for sailors looking for more power and flat-water performance than a dedicated wave sail but still enough maneuverability to be able to throw forward loops, back loops and gentle wave rides.

Light and stable, the Fusion is also a quick no-cam freeride sail when paired with a faster freeride board.


Wide Range of Use

From flat-water cruising to bump and jump in small waves, Fusion has what you need to get the most out of your session.

Ease of Use

Light-weight, stable profile and easy to rig.

Foil or Fin

Equally at home on foil or fin, Fusion will allow you to get the most out of every session, no matter where you are.

5 Batten Layout

5 batten layout to provide a stable base and the power you need to get going early.

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