2023 North North Free Race


North Sails 3DI exemplifies outstanding value with industry leading shape holding and a longer service life compared to any other sailmaking technology today.
A sail that benefits from all the same development as the Slalom Race sail, but that is more suited to your local race. The sail keeps a high speed but with slightly less effort, allowing you to focus on control and trimming your board. The lightweight feel combined with an incredible wind range makes this sail ideal for freeriding around your local spot. The new air cam system, combined with splitting batten pockets & battens, locks power in the sail and maximizes speed. A radically different Free Race sail, not like any other sail out there today. Revolutionary technology for windsurfing, brought to you exclusively by North Sails. Go Beyond.

3Di Molded Technology
Air Cam
Integrated Material Reinforcements
Integrated Batten Pockets + Splitting Pockets & Battens
Rock-It Batten Tensioner
EZ Clew
EZ Downhaul Race

3Di Carbon Dyneema Aramid Tape Material
Clear Windows
Either PVC or Monofilm
High Tensile Strength
Paneled Sleeve

Design Profile With an outline and a profile inspired by our Racing sail, this sail has the added focus of accessibility and handling, particularly board handling and trim. The moderate profile and twist all work together to give you top performance in a very manageable package. Compared to the Race sail it has a simplified construction and a batten less, 6 battens in all sizes, making the sail more accessible, faster to power up, and lighter in the hands, allowing you to achieve full speed more easily.

3Di Molded Technology Molding the sails in 3D determines the shape. This means we can add unlimited shaping or twist in the sails without being limited to batten position. 3Di skins can transition seamlessly from thicker parts, to hold tension and resist impact, to other areas in the sails which are thinner, lighter, and softer. 3Di Molding provides unlimited precision in sail making, unmatched in the world of windsurfing.

Carbon Dyneema Aramid The best sails are made with a carefully engineered blend of the best performing materials. That’s why 3Di Race sails are composed of Carbon Dyneema Aramid. Dyneema is up to 15 times more resistant than steel. It has very high energy absorption and very low stretch. It is extremely resistant to abrasion, humidity, and UV. Aramid is what holds all the Dyneema fibers together. The added carbon improves the reactivity and response of the flatwater sails. The end result is a composite sail that can be 3D precision molded from 1 piece without monofilm*. It’s very strong and has a very direct feel. It translates the wind instantly into forward drive at the flick of your wrist. (*except the window).

Air Cam North Windsurf’s Air Cam is the first significant innovation in windsurfing camber inducers since the 90s. By using inflatable chamber technology in a windsurfing sail, we have managed to match the intended wing profile of the sail perfectly. Improves airflow, profile, and stability. Because it’s all air, it’s super lightweight, resulting in effortless rotation and instant drive when you flick onto the opposite tack. On the race course, this pushes your tactics next level as you can throw the sail around, accelerate faster, and turn the gybes into a key advantage. With air in the luff pocket, waterstarts become easier too. The soft rotation of the air cam reduces any excessive wear and tear on your 100% carbon race mast, improving the overall durability and lifetime of your rig package.

Integrated Material Reinforcements 3Di’s composite Carbon Dyneema Aramid is layered onto the sail in tapes that are crosslinked and thermoformed together into a 1 piece composite sail. These tapes are both positioned in any orientation that you need and layered into reinforced loads where required. This is done with no panels and no stitching. At the end of the day, the sail transitions seamlessly at microscopic levels. From a strong sail in the high-wear lower foot and clew areas to a light upper sail where the sail needs to breathe and twist. Precision use of the right quantity of materials in the right orientation results in a sail that is both lighter and stronger than any other windsurf sail.

Integrated Batten Pockets, Splitting Battens In between the sail’s layers, we use a special material, machine laid, to create the batten pocket. No seams, no panels to join, no stitching. The material bonds to the Dyneema Aramid fibers but doesn’t bond to itself. This leaves the sail with a 100% seamless and continuous fiber layout, a fully integrated tunnel with space for the battens. This technology is pushed one step further on all flatwater sails, as the batten pockets transition seamlessly from 1 piece in the body to 2 pieces on either side of the air cam, maximizing efficiency and flow. Complex material technology with a smart result.

Rock-it Batten Tensioner No tool batten adjustment, at the water’s edge. Simply unlock, open, adjust, close, lock, and off you go

EZ Clew With the EZ Clew it doesn’t matter if you ride waves or race. It is compatible with your sails loop-loop-go system or your more conventional thread through outhauls. No matter the boom, the rigging is always perfect.

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