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4’8’’ x 18.2’’ x 3.2’’ - 34.7L
5’0’’ x 20’’ x 3’’ - 40.5L

Prone foiling has been around since the onset of
people riding modern day hydrofoils. In it’s inception
the challenge to get up and riding was so high, as
we just didn’t know how to do it, or how to foil. The
foiling barrier has been broken down now, and with
the right equipment and the right board, the world
of prone foiling is open to everyone.
With two distinct shapes the Bump range covers
everyone from pure beginner to seasoned pro.
Grab a board, pair it with your favorite foil and open the
doors to a whole other way to maximize your water time.
Round pin / Nose-entry-V to planing surface /
Fast rocker / High rail-chine / Concave deck
• Efficient outline for increased efficiency
• Nose-entry-V into planing surface for efficient glide and take-off
• Pulled in Kick tail with high-chine rail flow for efficiency, earlier
flight and on-foil carving clearence
• Refined rocker for a more balanced power transfer
• Recessed concave deck for more positive feedback
• Small size: for high performance surfing and maximum maneuverability
• Large size: easy paddling, take-off and forgiving touchdowns,
for all conditions
• Industry standard 9cm adjustable foil mount with position indicators
• Full custom high-grip EVA deck pad
• PVC reinforced deck
• Double pvc/glass stringers
• Carbon hybrid construction - reactive, lightweight
• EPS Core, Light Weight & Buoyant
• Reusable Flexi-hex packaging
Included with the board: 4pcs m8x30mm mounting bolts
2pcs Lockable T-nut assembly (NOTE: straps sold separately)

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