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Downwind Foilboard.

The Ginxu Dragonfly is the go-to Downwind Glider of choice for any open water foiler. Prone or Sup downwind on rolling swells, lightwind wing or paddle in small waves, or even flat water pop-up. From 6’6” to 8’4” there are options for all sizes and skill levels to get into this amazing new foiling experience.

Available as Custom Model or Stock Model.

Stock Model sizes: 88, 95, 100, 105, 110, 121, 135 liters.

Carbon Monocoque Construction.

Futures 16” Fin Boxes.

Step Bottom. Patented, US No. 11,027,796, EU No. 22020001-8.

Stock Model comes in Sanded Dark Silver, Translucent Red Artwork, Charcoal Pad.

Team Sizes: Kai Lenny: 6’6 / 88 ltrs, Ridge Lenny: 6’9 / 95 ltrs.

Personal Sizes: If our Stock Models don’t fit your size, you can consider ordering a Custom Model.

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