• The 9’6” x 31″ GO Surf was designed for lighter riders up to 95kg, offering a board that’s lighter to carry, has good glide and stability, and yet is totally nimble and responsive to turn in the waves.
  • The design of this model drew reference on other much loved Starboard designs, scaling down an Avanti outline, as well as using the rails and bottom shape of the popular Wedge range.
  • At 31” wide, the outline and flat deck gives solid stability to paddle at ease, yet the pulled in tail and thin rails make it very responsive to manoeuvre through turns.
  • The length gets into waves early and is fast to paddle back out to the sets, while still agile to swing the nose around in classic longboard style. For those looking for a board that can cruise, surf and is easy to transport, the GO Surf ticks all those boxes.


1.Outline – The rounded nose outline is fairly full to give a combination of stability and good nose riding performance. The round tail has enough area to balance the glide on flats and yet is still responsive when stepping back to turn.

2.Bungee Insert – On the nose allow you to store gear when cruising. The bungee rope can be removed when surfing to freely ride the nose.

3.The Flat Deck – The flat deck utlises the full width of the board, giving you a very stable standing area for when its choppy. This flat deck makes the board feel like a wider board in stability.

4.2-in-1 Shoulder Carry Strap and Paddle Holder – Effortless to carry the board to the water. And it offers the possibility to attach your paddle when not using it. It is available aftermarket for Lite Tech Wave and Limited Series Pink.

5.Rocker – Offers you good paddle speed for cruising, yet has enough kick in the nose to prevent nose diving, and a moderate tail kick to lift the nose through turns. The nose riding performance of the Go Surf really surprised us, feeling super stable so you can ride toes on the nose.


  • The rail thickness is fuller in the mid-section to provide float and cruising speed.
  • The nose and tail have thinner rails to reduce both the swing weight through turns and to give you more bite to engage the rail through turns.
  • The rails are taken from the popular Wedge range and require less pressure to engage on the wave face.

7.Bottom Shape – has a vee throughout for easy to rail to rail transitions, and turning the board from the mid point.

8.5 Fin Option – Offers good drive and hold through turns, while the quad offers more release and speed. Recommended to switch to a single larger fin for flat-water paddling.

Model 9’6” x 31”
Rider Weight 40-95 kg
Length 9’6” / 297.2 cm
Width 31” / 78.7 cm
Thickness 4.0” / 10.2 cm
Tail Width 18.0” / 45.7 cm
Volume 155 L
Fin Set Up Thruster Quad
Fins Center: 6 3/4
Side: 4.7”
Weight Lite Tech: 10.4 kg (Est.)
Limited Series Pink: 10.4 kg (Est.)

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