Inspired by our award-winning race designs, the Touring range gives you the extra glide to paddle distances with comfort, stability and the option to carry gear along the journey.

The flat side planes increase your stability like a catamaran and the straight middle rocker promotes the extra glide.

A special secure bag storage just in front of the standing makes it more accessible and lowers the centre of gravity, giving you more control and stability to carry gear.

Any water that may come onto the standing area on choppy days, is flushed out through the tail with a new recessed drainage channel.

Inspired by the Sprint, the worlds most winning SUP board, the narrower and squarer nose slices through the water, giving you the smoothest and most efficient glide with minimal splash.

Enjoy our trademark shoulder carry straps option, various mount options and the front / aft bungee tie downs on your next adventure.

Whether its weekend trips on lakes, short commutes, or longer adventures, the all Touring range gives you solid stability to paddle fast and explore.

Suited for all skill levels, the Touring range is available in 2 technologies and features 4 sizes, with a narrower 14?0? x 28? for those wanting the fastest and most efficient glide.

Our hot tip is the 14?0? x 28? is pretty much as fast as our largest Allstar and a favourite amongst our testers.


1.Thin Sharp Slicing Nose ? Inspired by our fastest racing board the Sprint, the taller squarer nose profile limits it diving in chop and reduces splashing, providing a silent and smooth glide. The slightly narrower nose outline at the tip has a cleaner entry for a faster glide and improved efficiency.

2.Bungee Tie-Down ? Ensures a dry ride for your gear/ equipment/ luggage

3.2-in-1 Shoulder Carry Strap and Paddle Holder ? The Carry Strap comes included with Starlite. It can also be purchased aftermarket for Lite Tech

4.Angled Nose Rail Edge ? Restricts water wrapping the nose for more efficient paddling with less drag.

5.Recessed Bag Storage ? Makes it more accessible to reach and more stable with a lower center of gravity for you to stow gear

6.Recessed Drainage Channel ? Helps guide any water in the standing area to flush out quickly at the tail.

7.Slightly Deeper Recessed Standing ? Increases your stability and control.

8.Low Nose Rocker ? Extends the waterline for a smoother and faster glide optimized for flat-water cruising.

9.Boxy Rails ? Reduces the board from rolling and water entering on the deck.

10.Flat tail ? Creates a cleaner and smoother release, reducing tail wake and increasing glide efficiency.

11.Flat Side Planes ? Greatly increases overall control and stability.

12.Straighter channel ? Improves straight line tracking, allowing you to paddle straighter on one side for longer.

13.Deep Center Channel ? Funnels water smoothly from nose to the tail generating lift and speed.

14.Chamfered Rail Edge ? Increases speed and stability.

15.Swept Back Fin ? For Straight line tracking

Model 14'0" x 30"
14'0" x 28"
12'6 x 31"
12'6" x 29"
Rider Weight 60-120 kg 55-110 kg 50-110 kg 45-90 kg
Length 14'0" / 426.7 cm 14'0" / 426.7 cm 12'6" / 381 cm 12'6" / 381 cm
Width 30" / 76.2 cm 28" / 71.1 cm 31" / 78.7 cm 29" / 73.7 cm
Thickness 7.4" / 18.7 cm 7.4" / 18.7 cm 7.9" / 20 cm 8.0" / 20.5 cm
Tail Width 18.7? / 47.5 cm 18.5? / 46.9 cm 20.8? / 52.9 cm 19.6" / 49.7 cm
Volume 298 L 278 L 279 L 263 L
Fin Set Up Single Single Single
Fins Dol-fin 22 Dol-fin 22 Dol-fin 22 Dol-fin 22
Weight Starlite: 15.1 kg (Est.)
Lite Tech: 14.9 kg (Est.)
Starlite: 14.6 kg (Est.)
Lite Tech: 14.2 kg (Est.)
Starlite: 14.5 kg (Est.)
Lite Tech: 14.2 kg (Est.)
Starlite: 13.5 kg (Est.)
Lite Tech: 23.6 kg (Est.)

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