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Stoke Foiling Stoke Foil Boost - Complete Kit

Stoke Foiling

Get foiling more – whether you’re a seasoned veteran or an excited newcomer, the Stoke Foil Boost is the game changer you’ve been looking for.

This kit contains the complete Stoke Foil Boost package including main drive unit, remote control, main battery, receiver and a fast charger. Supplied in the EVA travel case with cable guides, mast cable bands, silicone grease, hex tool and even a bottle opener for use after those epic sessions on the water.



Control the weather

If the wind is a little light or the surf a bit small the Stoke Foil Boost puts you in charge of the conditions. You will be able to get up and foiling with the assistance that the Stoke Foil Boost provides

With the Stoke Foil Boost you don’t need to worry about onshore winds holding you back. Get off and back to the beach effortlessly.

Hit the waves and defy the limitations of traditional foiling: with Stoke you can ride in lighter winds and smaller surf with ease, and our cutting-edge propulsion system will keep you riding in most conditions.

The instant acceleration the Stoke Foil Boost provides will get you out further and riding bigger waves earlier in the break – like your very own tow in. The power of our motor means you can ride on higher aspect foils and smaller wings, enjoying unparalleled speed and reduced drag.

Foil More.

The Stoke Foil Boost is small, light, and beautifully designed.

Its high-capacity, high-density battery provides 50 boosts and charges in 2 hours.

Lightweight but powerful at just 3.8kg.

Powerful motor provides 55lbs of thrust, 4000W and 9Nm of torque.

Universal mast mount fits 99% of mast and can be fitted in just 2 minutes.

Designed to withstand the harshest marine conditions.

Intuitive Bluetooth controller with configurable safety lock.

Packaged at 5kg in dimensions of 52 x 35 x 13cm

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