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The Breakwater to Beacon Kiteboarding Race.

For more than 25 years it has been one of Australia’s longest running and biggest windsurfing events.  The annual SHQ Breakwater to Beacon was run in January as usual, but on Sunday 17 February, for the first time ever, SHQ and Sandringham Yacht Club hosted the first ever Breakwater to Beacon for Kites!

It was the first ever B2B Kiteboarding Race and what a turn out!  Twenty-three keen kiteboarders of all levels registered and the conditions were perfect.  We ordered 20-22knots South/South South Westerly wind with clear skies and in true B2B fashion it arrived just in time for the 4pm start!

The race is as demanding as it is simple: a straight line from Sandringham Beach to the Fawkner Beacon in the middle of Port Phillip Bay, and back.  With only one turn, it is a test of outright speed and stamina and, inevitably, all competitors finish with a story to tell.

Sandringham Yacht club did a fantastic job of setting the course and briefing the riders on the starting sequence, which was great considering that there were a lot of new racers!

Hudson Godfrey-Smith led the pack showing his years of racing and Kiteboarding experience.  Hudson dominated the course setting a record time of 17 minutes and 4 seconds on the 13km race around Fawkner Beacon!!

Ejder Ginyol (Turkish World Cup Racer and SHQ instructor) was close behind finishing in 18min 17sec. In third was David Trewern with 18min 29sec! 

The twin-tip and surfboard riders had a great battle making it to the mark slightly upwind and flying back on a broad reach in the choppy conditions.  We are looking forward to these guys catching the racing bug and coming back faster next year! 

The lucky draw prizes included some Cabrinha goodies and a brand new  Cabrinha Race board!  All you had to do is register to be with a chance to win!   Congratulations to the winners!

Well done and big thanks to all the riders and supporters.  It wouldn't be possible without the support of SYC and the hard work from the SHQ crew. 

See you all next year!

You can also view the full photo album of the event on facebook by clicking this link. 

Full results as follows:

• Hudson Godfrey-Smith ; 17m4sec

• Ejder Ginyol ; 18min17sec

• David Trewern ; 18min29sec

• James Neeson ; 20min10sec

• Ben Morrison ; 21min08sec

• Andrew Picker ; 21min22sec

• Natalie Clarke ; 22min28sec

• Berni Wendland ; 23min18sec

• Darius Sweeney ; 23min20sec

• Simon Axmann ; 25min50sec

• Michael Scaife ; 26min01sec

• Mark Watson ; 27min24sec

• Stuart Quintal ; 27min40sec

• David Flockart ; 28min10sec

• Ludacris Ermisch ; 28min15sec

• Devid Platt ; 29min15sec

• Shawn Hodges ; 29min27sec

• Jon Fedje ; 32min35sec

• Campbell Miller ; 34min48sec

• Frank Dowthwaile ; 37min20sec

• Robert Pignolet ; NA

• Jacob Doble ; NA

• Rui Lim; NA

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