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2019 Guy Cribb Windsurfing INtuition tour of Australia, January 2019

Please read and share this info for the 2019 Guy Cribb Windsurfing INtuition tour of Australia, January 2019.

GERALDTON, Western Australia - Freewave, Forward Loops and Surf Gods Jan 12-15 
GERROA, NSW - Freeride, Wave and Foil 17-20
MELBOURNE, VIC - Freeride and Foil 22/23
INVERLOCH, VIC - Freeride and Foil 24-27


I hope you can join us- old friends and new- but the courses can not progress without your action so please respond to me asap confirming if you can attend! If I get enough guests, I will book my flights. If not, I’m going surfing on my hydrofoil in Europe. I’m sure you’ll appreciate it is a high cost to travel to the opposite side of the world and live off Eggs Bene and fine wines everyday. 


PLEASE urgently email reply to this email saying if you can join in- thank you and apologies for the late notice. Please also share the dates and info on your social media to help raise enough guests!




Course- Wind or no wind these are fantastic events that have been very successful for guests for many years in all weather- please do not be disheartened if it’s light winds forecast- this is ideal for learning! 

Venues- Exact meeting points to be confirmed to course guests by WhatsApp/ phone. 


Times- Start time 0930 each day, except the first day of each course start times are 1100. Evenings finish at sunset/ when everyone is exhausted- although we always have group dinners if you can join us.


Accommodation- please arrange your own accommodation locally

Food and drinks- we will have evening meals arranged but please organize your other meals and water/ drinks on the beach- some venues have local cafes. 

Windsurf gear- please BYO windsurfing gear and bring more than you think- especially if you have a big floaty board or SUP for light wind sailing. Harness lines 30-32” please. Ladies, please bring a seat harness too.

Video replay- I intend to shoot drone video of you windsurfing to analyse and help you best progress- conditions depending. Please bring a fast / modern USB stick with minimum 32GB storage to get the film.

 Price- AUD$1000 Gero, Invy and Gerroa. Melbourne AUS$600. 

 What to do now

1-Please email reply to this email to confirm your attendance and include your phone number for WhatsApp (if attending Inverloch please cc in

2- Please download WhatsApp if you don’t already have it

3- Await my confirmation, payment info and joining instructions. 

With many thanks for your support and hope to speak soon, 





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