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Must have SUP accessories

SUP Sling - By Ocean & Earth

If you have just a short walk to the beach, or constantly juggling towels, bags & kids! 

Comes in a compact Bum Bag, slip your suncream & water bottle in and when your out on the water you can clip it around your waist.  
Adjustable webbing allows this to fit any board.
Super comfortable padded shoulder strap,  also has a velcro paddle holder feature.



Locking tie downs - By Kanu Locks

This is why you need KanuLock. With regular tie-downs anyone can walk up to your car and take your board within 10 seconds, without any tools and without attracting any attention.

With KanuLock straps your board or kayak can’t be slid out, the straps are reinforced with stainless steel and can’t be cut with a knife, they make less wind noise and are very easy to use. Lock any board or kayak to any roof-rack, it is so simple.



SUP wheels - By SUP WHEELS

It’s an all-too-familiar story with summertime SUP excursions: crowded parking lots, having to park six blocks from the water and stopping every five minutes because your finger tips are burning from carrying your massive SUP.

SUPs are tough to carry. Some can weigh as much as a punching bag, can be far too wide to wrap your arm around and the built-in handles are rarely comfy enough to accommodate a walk longer than a few dozen yards.



Stand Up Paddle Cover  - By Balin

Balin is a local brand to the Mornington Peninsula and have been servicing the surf industry since 1974!

Protection and features at the right price. The range suits board sizes from 8'0 to 14'0 Race Covers in Regular (to fit up to 32") or Wide (to fit up to 36") templates.



Water proof pouch - By Ocean & Earth

Pouch fits phones, keys, cards, money. 
Keep valuables with you safe & dry, 
Comes on a neck lanyard perfect for Stand Up paddling. 


Locking Rook Racks - INNO Racks

Easily and securely carry 2x SUPs/windsurfers, 1x canoe/kayak, or 3x surfboards. 
The ultimate SUP, Windsurfer, Surfboard, Kayak and Canoe rack - and it locks securely with a key. 

Dry Seat Cover - By Ocean & Earth

Water proof seat covers, universal seat size.


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