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Breakwater to Beacon

It is that time of year again, it has come around really fast for us and we can't quite believe it is here already. But we are pumped and ready to go. The briefing and registration will commence at 2pm, Jetty Road, Sandringham at the end of the ramp, we are expecting to start the race around 3-4pm depending on how long it takes to register and of course the wind!!!

The JP and Neil Pryde demo trailer will be there too for anyone who wants to check out the latest 2012 kit, Windsurf and Stand Up Paddle, The trailer is rammed so come and hang out with us, look at the kit it!,talk about it, play with it, but don't de-rig!! yeh! A sausage sizzle will be there too.

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January 20, 2012

Team SHQ,

Well done on a successful B2B last weekend! A really great event and day.

It was particularly satisfying from my perspective, to:
1. have the wind with us for the event :-);
2. see a good turn-out of sailors; and
3. complete the event and come 5th on free-ride gear (JP FSW 107 & 7.5). Everyone ahead of me was on specialist boards/sails!

Congrat’s to Foxy for taking out the event, again.

A final thanks to the safety crew – events like this wouldn’t happen without others committing time and resources to the benefit of the sport.

Looking forward to complete report on your website too. Keep up the good work.

Cheers and good sailing,
Vaughan NZL999
(Some kiwis do fly)

Luke Meyers
Luke Meyers

January 17, 2012

Hey Dave,great to hear you enjoyed the day as much as I did.I worked out this was my 22nd B to B race and I seemed to enjoy the race more than any other I can remember. Was really comfortable on the NP 7.2 H2 and JP Super light wind board in the steady 15knot seabreeze. I think this race is now a lot easier to do now than 20 years ago, as the modern gear is so much easier to use and more verstaile, especially up wind and downwind. Thanks to everyone who came along and made the day a great success!


January 15, 2012


Luke Meyers
Luke Meyers

January 13, 2012

Hey Andrew, yes RS ones are available to use for the Race. Give us a call on Saturday and we’ll put your name on one. With the forecast being SE 15knots, it’s the ideal board for the 16km race.

Andrew Niere
Andrew Niere

January 11, 2012

Hi guys

Will you have any RS Ones available for loan for the event? Do you still have access to them or have they been sold, gone interstate, etc?



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