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New 2014 JP X-Cite Ride Plus & Magic Ride Reviewed!

JP-Australia makes us happy with their new 2014 boards. Even 2 new lines shall stir up the important freeride market. We could already test the brand-new Magic Ride and the pimped X-Cite Ride.

“PLUS is worth nothing”, that’s what the ADAC (German automobile club) currently writes about exclusive fuels available at the gasoline pumps. This is different for JP. You immediately can feel the PLUS. The PLUS is like a fresh-cut chili on noodles or like an extra shot of rum into your Coke – it’s just that little bit more cheeky. The new shape just feels faster, more direct and can be pushed in the turn with a pleasantly lively feel. Even on Lake Neusiedl the board can jibe between two waves, at a wave distance where a kite board barely fits in between. Everybody who grew with his X-Cite Ride over the past few years now gets served the next course of riding fun.


The new lines complement each other magnificently. While the PLUS became sportier, the new Magic Ride adds to the range for the comfort-oriented rider, who prefers to does safe, fluid and quick planing jibes. The now wider X-Cite Ride remains controllable, but feels more lively and with a bit more outline curve in the tail the board can be jibed even sportier. You probably have to drive the board a bit more through the turn but in return can cave all radii possible in this board class. According to our impression, you clearly need less foot pressure for very tight turns compared to its predecessor.


The X-Cite Ride offers more sporty riding fun and rapid jibing characteristics. The Magic Ride has the best comfort and an outermost easy jibing nature.


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