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Great Barrier Reef Windsurfing Video & Izaak Perkins - Under 21 Australian Champ!

We caught up with SHQ team rider Izaak Perkins after he took out the under 21 division at the Australian Slalom Titles held in Cairns this year. This awesome result has lead to a bit of mainstream coverage for Izaak - SHQ sat down and had a chat about the event, his results and future plans. But first check out the video follow up from his amazing session on the outer Great Barrier Reef.


SHQ: So Izaak tell us about your experience on the Great Barrier Reef?
"I had some of the best ocean/reef sailing, over the two weeks I was there. I was lucky enough to have 11 out of the 14 days of sailing, mostly on Green Island consisting, slalom racing and freeriding. One day though we had an awesome adventure to an outer reef with Cam McLeod and the boys. 15km of flat water! What more could you ask for? Oh that’s right warm water…
SHQ: How did you find the slalom racing? Was it competitive?
"The slalom racing was some of the best I’ve been in! Despite the very light winds!! I was a little underdone compared to others, so I had to work hard to achieve some good placings. The racing was just as competitive as here in our slalom series in Tassie and some racing I did over in WA, last year. All great fun but not too serious which is good!"

SHQ: What kind of training had you been doing to prepare?
"I did a fair amount, about 2-3months out. I teed up with two of my mates that were heading up and we set a course out at our local spot and practiced pushing each other and jibing under pressure.
Off the water I did a fair amount of bike riding focusing on my anaerobic and aerobic fitness. Plus weight sessions, when I could fit it in."
SHQ: You managed to take out the under 21 National title – What did that mean to you?
"Yes the National title meant a fair bit, it was my aim to go top 15 overall in open and top 3 in under 21 which I achieved both. With 14th overall and 1st under 21. The hard work paid off and I'm one step closer to some future plans."
SHQ: You’ve gained a bit of mainstream media attention for yourself lately – tell us how that came about?
"So after some good placings in the Green Island Slalom Nationals, The local paper wanted an article written up which was awesome. A few weeks later the ABC radio rang up and said they noticed to article and were very keen on an interview! I've never had any type of media exposure in that area, so it was great to get windsurfing out on a larger scale!"

Click image below for Izaak's newspaper article.

Click image below for Izaak's ABC Radio Interview.

SHQ: Anything been happening recently and any future plans?
"Just last week I broke my PB speed and managed a 43.5 knot run and a new spot record.
Future plans are currently being scheduled in - through to mid next year there is a fair bit on. First, the SHQ Cup Weekend, for the slalom hopefully. Then the start of our slalom series in Tassie, which is quite a big schedule for this year. Then onto the speed fortnight at Lake George, SA. Probably then back to Green Island for the Slalom Nationals again and then onto the Maui Slalom Series before hopefully a wild card to try an event in the PWA… So all this plus, juggling uni!
SHQ: Thanks Izaak and good luck!


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April 09, 2015

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April 05, 2015

Very true! Makes a change to see sonmoee spell it out like that. :)

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