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NSP Airwing

This very accessible, lightweight wing is the ideal accessory for foilers, SUPers and surfers wanting to increase their time and skills on the water. The geometry of the NSP Airwing delivers smooth power, stability and flowing handling. It invites you to experience new watersport sensations. Learn more about the NSP foiling system from the Airwave Matrix Comparison chart.

Wider wind range and control
The NSP Airwing is the result of tons of prototypes and hundreds of testing hours. The NSP R&D process refined the outlines, tube geometries and foil profiles to deliver a ride that is smooth and stable. The wing features a stable, low-aspect shape, balanced with moderate dihedral angles. This increases performance and your wind range, plus it helps keep the wingtips clear of the water.

Light but durable too
With weight being an essential performance parameter, we aimed for the lowest weight possible, without compromising strength and durability:

3M weight 2.0 KG
4M weight 2.3 KG
5M weight 2.7 KG
6M weight 3.1 KG

The strut and leading-edge tips are reinforced with light and durable PVC wear patches, while the tips on the NSP Airwing are protected by longer wear strips and reinforced TPU wear pads on the corners. The wing will perform on water, land and snow but we advise against excessive dragging over surfaces.

Shape details
– A refined shape design for balanced power and efficiency
– Leading-edge profile and dihedral shape deliver efficient twist dynamics
– Oversized and segmented leading-edge for rigidity (10 segments on the 5m² and 8 on the 4m² and 3m²)

NSP Airwing
Leading edge of the 5M (Blue) and the 3M (Red)

Dynamic dihedral

Notice the subtle dihedral design, helping to create a stable wing, even in overpowered conditions.

Camber panel

By strategically placing an additional foiled strip of rip-stop material between the strut and the wing canopy, the Airwing boasts a smooth preset profile that powers up early and maintains shape under all circumstances.

Get going immediately

Out of the bag, the NSP Airwing is ready for action. First, secure the supplied leash to the leading edge. Use the low-profile valve to inflate your Airwing to 7psi and get out on the water. With some short quick movements, your setup will develop lift.

Neutral flight

Sufficiently powered up, an Airwing can be held by the leading edge in one hand as it floats behind you. This way, you get to concentrate on your surfing or hydrofoiling until you need to power up again.


Benefit from controllable lift. Excess energy is released from the trailing edge of the upper wing.

When overpowered

Notice the Airwing rising to a horizontal angle above your head, feeling neutral and controllable.



NSP Airwave

The new NSP Airwave mixes high-performance pre-preg carbon with precision-milled anodized aluminum. The wings,  mast and fuselage designs have evolved over several iterations, combining stability, durability, price and performance.

The agility and speed that this foil offers is unbelievable when driving the foil into hard cutbacks…”
Ty Judson – International NSP Teamrider

Perfect in small to medium-sized waves, the Airwave suits both light- and heavier riders. Designed for regular surfing and SUP, the NSP Airwave can be towed and the three included shims allow you to trim for different conditions:

2-degree tuning shim

With low-speed take-off and excellent rider feedback, the NSP Airwave lifts early. Efficient wing design in combination with an incredibly stiff fuselage and mast allow for an extra amount of control and stability, making the NSP Airwave perfect for all disciplines of foiling.

Bruno on his NSP Surf Foil 4’6” x 20” along with the Airwave and NSP Surf leash

Smooth elliptical curves give you the drive to surf and commit to effortless rail-to-rail transitions. Stability comes in buckets at all speeds, and glide characteristics are great. Foiling is all about feedback and this foil package gives you the feedback required to execute committed turns and extend your glide. A 1325 cm2 front wing in combination with the 330 cm2 back wing leverages your pumping action while creating appropriate lift and stability.

Precision manufacturing means 100% alignment of the wings and heavy-duty construction. The NSP Airwave is ideal for both entry-level and advanced foilers. Downwind specialists tell us this is one of the faster foils on the market right now, allowing riders to almost ride around other foilers on the same trip.

A word on choosing your hydrofoil
With a wide range of foils available in an even wider price range, we recommend choosing a foil from an established manufacturer. As you will progress, you will want to adjust your mast length, wings and other components and choosing an established brand means you will have that option.

Surf, SUP or kite
Suitable for different kinds of foiling, your Airwave can be tuned with a wide range of aftermarket options to customize your unique foiling style.
The NSP Airwing, different size masts, wings and rear wings are all available.


Designed to spread the load, the anodized aluminum base features screw slots instead of holes, allowing for additional fine-tuning.

Built from anodized aluminum, the 70 cm mast minimizes drag and maximizes stiffness.

The centrepiece of the foil. this hydrodynamically shaped fuselage measures 70 cm. Made of anodized aluminum, it slots seamlessly onto the mast and holds the front wing, the back wing and the tuning shims.

FW 1325
The pre-preg carbon front wing spans 78 cm and is 22 cm wide with a total size of 1,325 square cm. Three screws hold the front wing in place.

RW 330 Flat Wing
The pre-preg carbon back wing spans 39.5 cm and is 11 cm wide with a total size of 330 square cm. The back wing attaches to the fuselage with two screws.

Front wing 78cm (default) 1.2 kg
Rear wing 39.5cm (default) 200 grams
Airwave fuselage 70cm (default) 1.05 kg
Airwave mast 70cm (default) 1 kg
Airwave mounting Plate (default) 0.750 kg
Airwave assembled with shims and screws 5.05 kg

Front wing 85cm 1.55 kg (accessories)
Rear wing 42.0cm (M-style) 200 grams (accessories)
Airwave mast 60cm 1.45 kg (accessories)
Airwave mast 70cm (accessories) 1.7 kg
Airwave mast 80cm 1.9 kg (accessories)
Airwave mast 90cm 2.1 kg (accessories)
Airwave mast 100cm 2.3 kg (accessories)


This is our dedicated SUP foil. Unlike the DC Foil X, the NSP SUP Foil doesn’t have conventional fin boxes anymore and relies only on an incredibly strong twin-track mount. Available in several sizes and built with the all-new SLX Carbon, this is our lightest and highly durable construction for experienced foilers who want the very best performance from their foil setup.

Available in three sizes: 6’1”, 6’6” and 6’10. All three shapes are similar in shape, exceptional at downwinding and surf unbelievably well.

The recessed carbon-reinforced deck lowers your centre of gravity, adding stability and control. A center ridge just below the EVA deck pad runs conveniently along the entire length of the board allowing you to position yourself on the center of your board without looking down.

A full-length uni-directional carbon stringer on the deck plus a uni-directional carbon stringer on the bottom add strength and foil drive.

Chinned rails on the bottom are very forgiving for those last-minute touchdowns and the smooth rocker through the flat, towards the tail, is combined with a late kick behind the foil. Dale designed this board with a little more volume under the back-foot area – this helps catching bumps earlier for an easy lift-off.

SLX Carbon boards feature a reinforced deck with a uni-directional carbon stringer on the deck, plus a uni-directional carbon stringer on the bottom to add strength and foil drive.

Make sure to protect your NSP SUP Foil with either a day-bag or the more beefed-up travel bag.


The latest generation of NSP foil boards come exclusively with twin track mounts. Designed to withstand the increased torsional forces the hydrofoils can exert on a board, it is the widest accepted foil system in the industry and NSP’s preferred foil mounting system.

Its position is optimized for the NSP Airwave Hydrofoil but will accommodate other manufacturer foils as well.

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