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2021 NeilPryde V8 FLIGHT


V8 Flight is THE Future of performance free ride foiling, available in all sizes to cover complete wind range from 6-25 knots; developed for riders that want to out-fly the others!

Four sizes available from 5.0 to 8.0


Foiling requires a very precise technique as it is crucial that the position of the draft stays unchanged to keep the flight stable and uninterrupted.

The very high aspect ratio design of the sail adds efficiency, while keeping profile stability and this way dramatically improves the foiling experience. This specific design makes the sail?s luff longer, therefore allowing for the boom to be shorter, which translates to more control.


Lift is created by the leading edge. On a high aspect sail, the leading edge is much longer relative to the sail size and this extra lift creates a more efficient sail for the rider. One of the major drag components is the tip vortex. On a high aspect ratio sail this is relatively less compared to the overall sail size, hence the effect is minimized.

V8 Flight is rigged with tighter leech compared to conventional V8 freerace sail and provides exceptional performance in light wind; 8.0 on the foil will easily out-plane (or out-fly) any super large free ride sails while it will remain stable and fast even once the wind picks up.

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