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2023 Unifiber Modular Aluminium 27mm HD Monocoque


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These rugged, Heavy-Duty reinforced aluminium models have an increased tube wall thickness for superior stiffness and durability.

The 140 and 160 sizes - with a 27mm diameter grip sections and standard modern tail widths - are designed for higher-level freeride, bump & jump, and wave sailors. The 180 and 200 sizes utilize wide tails to accommodate deeper sail profiles, 29mm diameter grip sections, and extra-oversized tail sections for maximum stiffness and durability.

The boom arm curves are precision-engineered for maximum deflection resistance coming close to matching ultimate-spec carbon booms. All HD booms feature anodized tails that provide better corrosion resistance.

Features the all-new "Configure Me" Modular Boom Head.

Benefit from the advantages of a modular boom system. The modular boom head fits all "Configure Me" Boom Bodies. Swapping the boom head is effortless and takes seconds - no tools required. For example: with 1 boom head, 2 boom bodies and 1 tail you have 2 high-performance booms of different sizes. This makes the most of your available budget, storage space, baggage allowance.

Be part of the future! Enjoy light weight and absolute performance. Benefit from "Configure Me" modular options to combine, renew and upgrade components as required.

Pros & Cons

  • Modular "Configure Me" RDM & SDM Compatible High Performance Boom Head
  • HD means Heavy Duty due to extra wall thickness of the aluminium boom body adding stiffness and durability
  • High density EVA grip on the front arch for maximum abrasion resistence
  • Slightly wider tails for sizes 140 and 160 and considerably wider tails for 180 and 200 sizes. Avoids sail profile distortion when using modern sails.
  • Anodized tail for less corrosion and more durability
  • Performance bolts included

  • On average heavier than other aluminium booms

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