2024 JP-Australia Ultimate Wave PRO




The ultimate windsurfing experience is riding clean waves down-the-line, which is the core purpose these boards are designed for. Each generation of our pure-wave boards has been refined to enhance this experience, and the previous line was already a masterpiece in this respect. It earned titles on the IWT Wave tour and dominated the Aloha Classic over recent years. However, the new boards are even better, and we expect them to be even more successful in competitions. But whether you win or not, these boards are guaranteed to deliver an incredible ride and enhance your wave-sailing abilities. So, serious wave riders, get ready to up your performance and to get even more out of everything from mediocre to epic conditions.

The feedback from our riders using their Magic Waves on the world tour was instrumental in the development of our new generation of Ultimate Waves. We aimed to bring some of that liveliness and agility to our down-the-line boards, creating an even more engaged and reliable ride so advanced wave sailors can push their limits further.

When shaper Werner Gnigler built the first prototypes of our new generation of Ultimate Waves, he blended the Magic Wave tail with the Ultimate Wave nose. The result was a board that allowed riders to go more vertical, hit lips with greater confidence and control, and plane much more quickly than the previous Ultimates. These hybrid boards are fun to ride and incredibly controllable, regardless of wave height.

With regards to the shape, we made some significant changes to our new generation of Ultimate Waves. The centre scoop rocker line became straighter, while maintaining more bottom curve along the rails. Werner also developed an interesting Vee transformation that starts with a moderate Vee in the nose area, changes to a single concave between the straps, and finishes off with a slight Vee at the tail. These changes have improved early planing and pace, allowing you to ride waves with more speed, confidence, control, and a noticeably more radical style.

The smooth outline and thin, soft rails finish off into a refined swallow tail – a must have feature on this kind of board for maximum grip in high speed turns and ultimate acceleration carving tight turns in smaller surf.

The fin box and standing positions have been moved back slightly, giving riders the ability to adjust their turns at any time with either front or back foot pressure. This allows for greater control and manoeuvrability on the wave, letting riders truly unleash their skills and creativity from small to giant surf.

This year, all five fin boxes are slot boxes, with the ones for the side fins being even shorter. Also, the layup was adjusted slightly and the light boards provide a surfboard-like feel, making them easy to control and fun to ride.

The five fin box tuning range has always been a key, must-have asset for the Ultimate Wave customer. On the other hand, most of these very good riders already have their own, favourite wave fins and do not need the ones coming with the board. In order to save these riders unnecessary costs, the new models now come without fins.

NO FINS: The this year the boards come without fins.

Recommended JP fins for QUAD | THRUSTER fin setup:
UW 75 – 2x Multi Wave 13.5 RTM Carbon | 1x ~17cm
UW 81 – 2x Multi Wave 14.5 RTM Carbon | 1x Wave 18 RTM Carbon
UW 87 – 2x Multi Wave 14.5 RTM Carbon | 1x Wave 18 RTM Carbon
UW 93 – 2x Multi Wave 15.5 RTM Carbon | 1x Wave 19 RTM Carbon
UW 101 -2x Multi Wave 16.5 RTM Carbon | 1x Wave 20 RTM Carbon
Recommended side fins for quad & thruster use: 2x Side Wave 10 RTM

* S-glass technology
* Full Innegra Parabolic Rails
* Omega Stringer with high-density PVC and S-glass
* 5 Slot boxes
* Fin positioning scale
* Double Footstrap Plugs
* Footstrap with scale

Our new Ultimate Waves now have improved planing performance that puts them on par with the renowned Magic Wave. With faster carving, improved speed, and better grip and rail bite, these full-on down-the-line boards are the ultimate choice for any wave spot in any condition. Whether you're a pro or a beginner, get ready to push harder and carve turns on anything from medium to XXL waves with our new Ultimate Waves – the ultimate wave board!

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