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K4 Dugong Weed Wave


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We’re super happy to announce the arrival of our latest windsurf weed fins just in time for the summer weed season!

K4 Fins’ Dugong weed fin is designed to cut through seaweed undergrowth in shallow sea water enabling an unrestricted and faster ride.

Our latest addition to the K4 family is made from K4’s Super Stiff material which means that your fins won’t endure loss of stability through weed areas nor suffer drag from contact with the weed.

Rip, slash and eat weed with K4’s Dugong Weed Fin

Our shallow water-friendly, weed-eating Dugongs are the answer to the challenge of coastal and inland water performance issues caused by plant-based marine nutrition.

We took the successful Rocket template as our starting point and looked to use over 38º rake whilst still maintaining performance. Our gut feeling was that the super stiff material would work exceptionally well for the weed fin, giving just enough flex to slip through the water with minimum drag but also enough stiffness to be direct and lively underfoot despite the reduced lift.

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