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Cabrinha AUSTRALIA DAY - this Monday 26 January

Meet the pros! Heaps of demos including the all-new FX kite, Freestyle Pro-Clinic! Check it out! Get involved!!

- BBQ at SHQ Sandringham from 1pm
- Beach Session in the afternoon - the forecast looks GREAT! Location yet to be confirmed.
- Sunset Movie Night at St Kilda West Beach Pavilion from 6:30pm

LIAM WHALEY - PKRA 2014 World Tour Vice-Champion and current world ranked #2
JAMES BOULDING - Cabrinha international pro-rider
JAMIE BARROW - multiple NZ Freestyle Champion
DAN SWEENEY - 2015 KBV State Freestyle Champion, winner 2014 Australian Freestyle Championship event
LUKE SMITH - 2014 Australian Freestyle Junior Champion
ALEC SHEATHER - 2014 Australian Freestyle Junior Runner-Up

Call 03 9598 2867 or 03 5982 1007

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